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How to optimize your hiring process

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Recruiting is hard work – you typically spend very little time forming opinions of people you’d like to hire for a long period of time. As Alan Carniol, founder of explains in this Forbes post by Jacquelyn Smith, “a hiring manager must make a decision that can cost a company thousands or tens of thousands of dollars [in that short time]”.

For that reason, it’s important to understand what you can do to make your hiring process successful, cost-efficient and time-effective. Read More

10 biggest mistakes you’re making when hiring in tech

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Hiring can be a tall task, but it’s an important one. Why so? Choosing the right people around you impacts your business more heavily than many of the decisions you make because your employees make hundreds of decisions on your behalf every single day.

In his podcast, Michael Hyatt argues: “Team is everything. If you don’t have the right team, then you’re limited by what you can accomplish. If you get the right people in place, you can leverage what you can do and take it to another level.“ Not having the right people around you in the professional environment is “worse than trying to do it alone”.   Read More

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Human resources psychology in tech: what you need to know to recruit top IT talent

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When recruiting developers, what do you think you rely on? You most likely reach out to the candidate, check their social media profiles, talk to them, and ask them to write some code. It may seem like a lot of ways to get to know a potential employee, but there’s actually one important thing that can get in the way of finding “the one”. A pink, spongy thing: your brain. The fact that we’re wired to make judgments subconsciously doesn’t mean it’s impossible to hire the best candidate. It means you simply have to be aware of human resources psychology mechanisms at play so you can prepare ahead and reduce your innate bias.

Here’s are the psychological mechanisms behind hiring that you simply can’t ignore. Read More

True cost of recruiting a developer [infographic]

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Have you ever wondered how much it costs to recruit a new programmer? The numbers may surprise you.

The most common cost of recruiting a developer which comes to mind is a recruitment agency fee, but it’s just a starter. In the IT world, where there is a talent shortage, hiring a new programmer (or any tech talent) increases in cost and effort as time goes on. The better a programmer is, the more expensive it gets. The best ones are like superstars with their own agents. Employee turnover is a huge problem for most companies and long-time employment is almost unreal. According to the 2015 Recruiter Survey, the average employee tenure is below 6 years; 30% of people change their job in 1-3 years and 29% in 4-6 years. Quarsh’s research gives even more dreadful numbers – 20% of new hires leave in 12 months! Read More

5 Essential Tactics to Recruiting Tech Talent [our guest post on SmartRecruiters]

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A lot of companies are complaining that there is a shortage of available developers and the good ones are hired really quickly. This makes the IT recruiting process really tough and  makes technical recruiters look for effective ways to accelerate the IT hiring process. Check out our tips on how to recruit tech talents so that you can be first to get to the ones with greatest potential and value for your IT team. Read More

Smart technical recruitment reaches out to content marketing

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Technical recruitment is tough. There are many vacancies to fill. If you want to succeed, you need to be better than others or the perfect candidate for your next top tech talent will join your competitor’s team.

There are many ways to be successful in technical recruitment. One of them is a smart usage of content marketing. Yes, you see it right – content marketing. Why? Your proposal is your investment and you want to invest your resources well in order to get most of it. If you are running IT recruitment campaigns, you are probably doing it because you want to carry out more programming projects, handle more clients in order to develop your company and increase your profits. The better new employee is, the higher advantage you get. A good content marketing strategy helps you attract the best people. Content marketing plays a primary role in building your image, supporting brand awareness, and employee branding. There are countless methods of using content marketing in tech recruiting. Here are some of them: Read More

IT sourcing – think and act outside the box to hire tech talents

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IT sourcing and technical recruiting programmers can be tricky. To make it easier you need to define who you are looking for and where they are. There are two types of questions you should ask yourself before starting talent sourcing.

Firstly: Where do my tech talents live? Can they relocate? Can they work remotely? In case of remote work, which time zones can you consider?

Secondly: What skills are the most important?

The key to tech recruitment is to act fast so tech talents won’t be taken from you before you even realize it.

Read More

3 ways to use coding tests in technical recruiting [our guest post on]

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Measuring coding skills is an essential step in technical recruiting. This way you can verify candidate’s programming skills and evaluate whether the developer is the right one for a job. The most common way to do it is to invite candidate to take coding test. However, be cautious in choosing the right ones. You don’t want to ask candidate algorithmic questions or verify whether they memorized book knowledge as it doesn’t bring much value for your IT team. What you are looking for is a developer that is good at coding, a real problem solver who can show their programming skills in action. Read More

The Game For Tech Talent Is Getting Serious [our guest post on TalentCulture]

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Recruiting tech talents is challenging. It requires a lot of effort from you and your company to attract the right candidates and build efficient IT team. If a programmer is competent and experienced then you are probably not the only one who tries to recruit them. How to be the first and hire the best?

The right strategy in mind and proper execution. In article “The Game For Tech Talent Is Getting Serious” published on TalentCulture we share our thoughts and our clients’ experience on the essential steps that will bring you closer to hiring tech talents. Read More

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IT sourcing – 13 best places to source programmers

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The first rule of quality IT sourcing is: be where your talents are. Sourcing tools can be of great help but nevertheless, you need to know more about your target group.

So ask yourself some questions:

  • Where do programmers spend their time?
  • Where do they work on open source projects?
  • Where do they share knowledge and help each other?

If you know the answer to these questions then you are on a good way on your IT sourcing path. Programmers are a specific group of people whose work is their passion and they spend their free time on programming on their own. You can easily find them when you know where to look for. Read More

Why HR and IT should talk to each other… but they don’t? [our guest post on ERE Media]

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We are thrilled to let you know that our article “Why HR and IT should talk to each other… but they don’t has just been published on SOURCECON | Sourcing which is run by ERE Media,  the go-to information and conference source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals.

The article is based on our experience with technical recruitment and stories that we hear from companies that we talk to. From our perspective it seems that there is a lot of tension between HR and IT recruitment, they often suffer from misunderstandings and miscommunication. It is a real pity as IT recruitment is a joint effort and the sooner all employees get on board the better results they will achieve and tech talents they will recruit. Read More

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment - 11 tech screening tools for technical recruiters

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tech screening tools for technical recruiters

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After sourcing, the candidate screening process for IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. No one wants to waste time on weak candidates who don’t have the skills, personality, or cultural fit. That is where tech screening comes in.

There are several different assessment and screening tools which can help you get through your IT recruitment process smoother. These tools will save you time and money. In case of IT recruiting, screening is not only a matter of confirming information in a resume or verifying behavioral or decision-making traits. It also often includes tech screening. There are tools out there that help you with video interviews, technical skills and psychometric tests, and background checking. Use them to get high-quality technical hires as fast as possible.
Read More

5 business ideas what to use coding tests for, besides IT recruitment

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When you hear coding tests, I’m sure, IT recruitment process springs to your mind. But our business cases show much greater variety of online programming tests usage and application. Thanks to flexibility of our system, programming assessment at Devskiller can be used to meet various company’s objectives, not only in recruiting tech talents. Just see for yourself.

Of course, coding tests are still great for recruitment. Find out how in The ultimate guide to the technical interview.

Read More

50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]

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To be the best you have to learn from the best. That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in recruiting that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels.

On daily basis we focus on information for IT recruiters, but the mentioned specialists go far beyond it, being inspiration to the whole recruiting world.

We’ve chosen influencers that are active not only on twitter but also share their knowledge in valuable articles or podcasts.

This way you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”. Use their advise, combine them all together and develop your perfect process of recruiting.

Read More

37 best articles from 2015 on recruiting programmers and tech talents

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As recruiting programmers is getting more and more challenging, IT recruiters want to stay up to date with all the valuable information that can help them in hiring best tech talents. However, due to information overload, it might happen that you miss some insightful and useful articles.

That’s why we’ve made a compilation of 37 articles that were most shared and thus valuable for tech recruiters in 2015.  Read More

31 must follow tech recruiter blogs

31 must follow tech recruiter blogs

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Recruiting tech talents is a tough job. The times when you could post a job ad on a job site and then wait for candidates to flood your inbox with resumes are gone for good. To recruit in IT, you need to test and adopt new methods of recruiting and some of the best sources for this are recruiter blogs. That way you can see what combination of techniques works by bringing you the most and best candidates.

In order for you to stay up to date with trends in tech recruiting market, we gathered Top 31 recruiter blogs that will help you find and recruit the best programmers. We’ve chosen them from hundreds of recruiter blogs on the internet, giving you only the most valuable ones. Read More

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