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DevSkiller year in review 2021

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DevSkiller 2021 in a nutshell

2021 has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding year at DevSkiller. We have made great strides towards achieving our goals set out for the year and have taken significant steps towards becoming an enterprise-ready company. We have secured integrations with partner companies to be able to further improve our offer and increased our global presence.

The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 continued to adversely affect many companies around the world in 2021, but DevSkiller has risen to the challenge in strides.

Positive business growth

Despite the challenges posed, in 2021 DevSkiller has achieved negative churn, with new business acquired, outweighing any drop-off in clients.

Additionally, throughout the year we’ve witnessed a steady increase in MRR with the number of customers over the $1k USD mark. This growth represents a 258% increase compared to the previous year.

We are enterprise-ready

At DevSkiller, we have taken strides in 2021 to become fully enterprise-ready. We have implemented single sign-on authentication (SSO), as well as granular access control, and improved our customization features. We can also offer extensive configurability and advanced reporting.

We boast an SLA of 99.95%, with our clients’ expectations being met consistently, at every turn.

Increased global reach

2021 has been a great year at Devskiller for increasing our global customer outreach. We are now working with clients in more than 90 countries worldwide and have candidates accessing our developer tests from 150+ countries.


This year at DevSkiller we have continued to increase our offer by integrating DevSkiller TalentScore with leading partners. This way we ensure that we offer the best developer testing platform available to our valued customers.

In June of 2021, DevSkiller became an integration partner of LinkedIn Talent Hub. In fact, we were the first such solution to partner with Talent Hub in Europe. This integration allows recruiters to effortlessly send TalentScore coding test invitations via LinkedIn Talent Hub jobs.

LEVER x DevSkiller_blg

2021 also saw DevSkiller integrate with Lever, one of the leading CRM+ ATS solutions on the market. Lever users can now send out DevSkiller test invites automatically from within the Lever platform. As well as accessing reports. This is a huge time-saver for recruiters looking to track candidate data more easily. For both DevSkiller and Lever users, this means an increased candidate experience.

Other integrations this past year included VidCruiter, a leading video-interviewing company that now offers DevSkiller testing incorporated directly within its interviewing platform.

Continuing to deliver an unbeatable candidate experience

In-browser IDE

One of the most exciting features added to the DevSkiller TalentScore platform in the past 12 months is our development of in-browser IDEs. By working with Jetbrains we are now able to offer test candidates the option of working in their preferred IDE, accessed directly from DevSkiller’s own browser, without having to download any supporting components. Over the coming months, the same technology will also be implemented across all of the technologies supported on TalentScore.

intelliJ IDEA TalentScore

Infrastructure tests

DevSkiller aims to be the leading developer testing platform available. This year we further supported this by being the only platform available that offers developer tests in specific technologies, such as Terraform and Kubernetes.

Tech talent thought leadership

Over the past 12 months, the team at DevSkiller has delivered various online discussion panels designed to advise technical recruiters of the common pitfalls of tech recruitment. We have partnered with leading tech companies like HeadSpring to discuss the benefits of implementing technical screening into technical recruitment processes.

The latter part of 2021, saw us host two panels on DevOps, to discuss exactly what the role of DevOps entails, and to provide a comprehensive guide to DevOps recruitment. We were joined by both DevOps practitioners and DevOps recruiters who offered their expert insights into this fast developing field.

In November we also participated in our first on-site event since the pandemic. DevSkiller was amongst the speakers at the Tech Rec Berlin conference where our representatives gave a presentation entitled ‘Secrets to the ideal tech recruitment process’.

Coming together!

Of course, it hasn’t been all work and no play! In December, DevSkiller was once again able to organize its annual office Christmas party. It gave us the chance to let off some steam and offered our remote workers a chance to integrate with the team in person.

We hope that 2022 will be even better one as we continue to innovate and move forward as a company. From all of us at DevSkiller, we wish you all the very best for what’s in store in the new year.

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