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Databases, machine learning, and the future of work with Lukas Eder on the Yellow Duck Podcast


In today’s episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast we play host to Lukas Eder who is hands down one of the best SQL experts out there. Lukas is passionate about SQL and Java which he knows inside out. In this podcast, he covers a variety of topics related to databases, software development, and technology.

You’ll gain insights about the history of SQL, and how it grew into one of the most important data technologies on Earth. You’ll get a whirlwind tour of the different types of databases from Graph, and Object to Relational. Get info about the power and potential of SQL to reduce workloads and make software perform better. Learn about the importance of structuring your data to make writing the business logic of your application that much easier.

After learning about SQL Lukas will discuss his JOOQ project and how it grew into the defacto standard for writing SQL queries in Java projects. You’ll learn how Lukas started JOOQ as a ‘passion project’ and grew it into a proper business. Gain a deeper understanding of the power of a highly-skilled SQL developer to greatly reduce cost overruns and scope creep.

Apply what you learn in this episode to bring more value to your next software project, whether by taking the time to design your database, to hiring the right developer. Stay through the end to get Lukas’s opinion on the differences between functional and iterative paradigms in software development.

Other topics mentioned in this podcast will include Redis, MongoDB, Apache Derby, machine learning, modeling social networks, and the importance of specialization in the future of work.

Let’s get started and listen to what we talked about!

If you would like to go deeper into what Lukas talked about, just go into following links that he recommended:

About jOOQ:

About SQL:

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