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DevSkiller platform update – what is new? #September2017

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At DevSkiller, we believe in continuous improvement. We have a growing base of happy customers who use the platform on a daily basis which gives us the opportunity to constantly develop our tool to address their needs. To do so, we look at how you use DevSkiller when you work and listen to what you have to say about it. For the last 6 months we’ve been busy turning your insights into action. We’ve put the new features and functionalities together in this post to help you leverage them to the full.

Let’s get started!

More flexibility in editing the test

This is one of the biggest changes that we introduced in the last 6 months and more importantly one that fulfilled many requests of our customers. So what does flexibility mean in this case?

a) We’ve changed the whole view of manual edition of the test to simplify it and bring better UX,

b) Currently you can decide if the candidate can go back and forward on the test (previously he could go only forward),

c) To give you more information on what the candidates are doing in the test we started to measure the time that they spend on each task instead of the test in entirety,

d) Welcome page and exit page of the test are now editable, this way you can add personalized information to the candidates in your test,

e) We’ve enabled adding your own input forms and static elements into the test. You can use that to add extra information for the candidate or ask them your own questions after they finish the test or before they take it,

f) You’ve gained a lot of control over adding random tasks to the test. Currently you can either manually select random group of tasks to be added randomly to the test or define a query by which the system will add random tasks to the test.

DevSkiller works faster

We’ve made our system work faster for better User Experience. We’ve tested the system a lot and we’ve seen that all the pages in our system work even few times faster. We will not stop here!

Code pair with video interview

Yes, yes yes … DevSkiller currently gives the possibility to conduct live online code pair with video interview session one-on-one with the candidate. You don’t have to use any additional tools to conduct a live interview with your candidate. It’s currently available for all of our plans, but in a couple of months we will limit this feature to Enterprise Plans.

You can find more information on how to use the feature in our Help Center

Candidate profile

The new candidate profile was introduced a couple of months ago but we did not have an occasion to tell you more about it. Below you’ll find the highlights of the brand new look:

a) Currently you can invite a single candidate to many tests and they will all be grouped in a single candidate profile. Just go through each test tab on the left to see candidates result on each stage of testing his skills. This is also a great feature for using DevSkiller i.g. in education, where you can track the progress of your students while taking a course,

b) You can now see a timeline of all interactions with the candidate. Thanks to the new addition to the platform you’ll find your the history of  interactions with the candidate, as well as information on whether they opened the email or not,

c) We’ve added a new security feature – IP address of the candidate taking the test. When you access information on a specific test in the top right corner you’ll find Candidate IP address. Soon we will also add information about localization of the candidate based on this information.

We’ve introduced our Help Center

We want to give you best answers to all your questions as fast and accurate as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our Help Center where we answer most common questions of our clients. We already have 65 answers there and we update it constantly to help you find solutions to your questions. Check it out here:

DevOps testing support

We are the first on the market to actually test DevOps skills for tools such as Chef, Puppet or Bash. And here I don’t mean some kind of choice questions but true programming skills tested on using these tools and achieving the goal defined in the tasks.

We have bigger plans for evolution of skills tested in this area but I can’t tell you more yet 😉 stay tuned!

JazzHR ATS integration

Growing our base of integrations with ATS tools used by our clients is very important to us. We know that this makes your job as a recruiter a lot easier. That is why we’ve added JazzHR integration. If you would like us to integrate with other solutions on the market, just let us know.

Custom invite email template

It’s currently possible to edit the invitation template that you send to your candidates. If you are interested in that feature just let us know

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your company uses Single Sign-on now it’s supported by our platform. We support most popular SSO providers like Azure AD or G Suite. If you would like to learn more about this feature please visit Help Center on Single Sign-On Configuration.

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