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DevSkiller Product Update 2023


The year 2023 has almost ended, so now is the time to take a look back at the year gone by and summarize what has transpired. We’ve been working hard on providing the best possible experience for you, and in this article, we’re going to recap all of the best features we’ve added to the DevSkiller platform in 2023.

Let’s dive right in!

The all-in-one TalentTech solution

Being a TalentTech solution, DevSkiller focuses on two core areas of talent management: skills management and technical skills assessments. We will be highlighting both in dedicated sections to showcase the best features we’ve added over the past year.

Skills Management

This year, we’ve had 3 major updates in the skills management category: Skills Overview, Certifications Manager, and Job Recommendations.

Skills overview

While skills management can be overwhelming, we’ve always strived to make it as streamlined and accessible as possible. With this goal in mind, we’ve revamped our Skills overview page so that you have all the necessary skills data at your fingertips.

Feature summary:
Skills Overview allows you to easily explore your employees’ skills profiles on one page. With its help, you can see their skills progress, add or rate skills, deep dive into their competencies via filters and attributes as well, and explore each skill in more detail.

Key benefits:

  • See the skills fit for the current role
  • Manage your employee’s skills in one place
  • Gaina better understanding of each skill and its importance

Certifications Manager

Certifications feature helps you oversee and manage certifications in one place. This update enables you to configure a repository of accepted certifications, track their expiration status, addadding certifications to your employees’ profiles, and much more.

Key benefits:

  • Easily manage certifications without clattered spreadsheets
  • Define accepted certifications for your employees
  • Seamlessly track validity statuses of your employees’ certifications

Job recommendations (Coming soon!)

This update focuses on enhancing job recommendations for employees, providing a range of personalized options.

Feature summary:

The three main categories include Career Path, suggesting the next step in the career hierarchy; Best Fit, offering positions based on an 80% or higher skills match; and Easy to Achieve, suggesting roles with a 60% to 80% skills match.

Each recommendation is tailored to the employee’s strengths. Career Path aligns with natural career progressions, Best Fit broadens opportunities based on skillsets, and Easy to Achieve presents achievable paths.

The update also facilitates the selection process with quick skills comparisons, allowing employees to gauge their fit for recommended roles. Additionally, employees can manage recommendations by hiding or favoriting them. The system supports ongoing skill development, offering clear skill recommendations to guide career progression.

Notably, employees can mark skills as ‘Currently learning’, enabling managers to track progress effectively. This comprehensive update aims to empower employees by providing transparent career paths and fostering continuous professional development.

Key benefits:

  • Create a streamlined and transparent internal talent pipeline
  • Give your employees the freedom to build the career of their dreams at your company
  • Incentivize skill acquisition by offering skills-based career progression

Technical skills assessments

As for technical skills assessments, we’ve added a new IDE and updated our task library.


We know that candidate experience can make or break your hiring process. To help you keep your candidates happy, we’ve integrated industry-leading IDE solution VS Code. It’s used by a staggering 75% of developers in the world!

It’s a fully-fledged coding environment that runs directly in your candidate’s browser.

Key benefits:

  • VS Code IDE is an authentic coding experience that your candidates know and love
  • It’s a huge time-saver as it comes fully pre-configured with no warm-up time required
  • It’s powerful with advanced features like live preview, built-in debugging, and smart code suggestions
  • It’s flexible allowing your candidates to switch to their local machine thanks to the changes being saved to a Git repository

Content update

As part of our continuous effort to help you hire the best tech talent, we’ve been constantly updating the DevSkiller task library over 2023.

ChatGPT security features. To prevent cheating while taking our tests, we’ve introduced several ChatGPT-proof features. Some of them include disallowing pasting, weeding out, and updating tasks prone to be solved with ChatGPT, as well as candidate session recording.

Content update. Last but not least, we’ve been making sure you have the best assessments to test your candidates by updating our task library. In this year alone, we’ve added 420 new tasks bringing the total number of tech recruitment tasks to just shy of 6,000, and updated 1373 current ones.

Final words

We hope you’ve had a great year with us at DevSkiller. We’d like to take a moment to say thank you for using our platform and we appreciate the trust you put in us. Stay tuned for more awesome features to come in 2024.

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