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IT recruitment
Image presenting DevSkiller ebook explaining how to hire a programmer

[EBOOK UPDATE]: How to hack process of recruiting programmers [with a Case Study]

IT recruitment
Image presenting DevSkiller ebook explaining how to hire a programmer

Technical hiring is becoming increasingly difficult because of the fierce level of competition for IT talent. Even companies who weren’t originally associated with tech now need software developers to grow. This comes with a number of consequences which altogether make hiring so challenging. How to hire a programmer who can really do their job well? We’ve found a formula which we present in our ebook entitled Hack the process of recruiting programmers [with a case study] which is an update to the original resource released back in 2016.

How to hire a programmer? Our 7-step formula

In this ebook, we present the tried and true 7-step formula for hiring software developers efficiently and a high impact case study illustrating how one of our clients, Allegro, managed to cut their Time-to-Hire by 50% and improved the effectiveness of their preselection process by 40%. The formula comes from our extensive experience in working with two very different professional groups, recruiters and software developers.

The 7-step formula presented in the ebook allows you to:

  • Get more leads into your funnel at the beginning of the recruitment process
  • Screen technical skills quickly and efficiently

As a consequence, you can hire the best software developers for your business before your competitors poach them.

Why is it so hard to hire a programmer these days?

how to hire a programmer image presenting industry statistics

First of all, according to Stack Overflow, only 5% of software developers are “unemployed but looking for work.” This means that as passive candidates, developers are generally hard to recruit. What is more, most developers are inundated with job offers which means they can be highly selective. As a consequence, only the best HR professionals have a chance of succeeding.

And that’s just one side of the “HR vs. IT” story.

Let’s now look at the developers employed in your organization. Some of them have no choice but to participate in the recruitment process to assess technical skills. The truth is, the majority of them don’t think interviewing candidates is great fun. They typically very much prefer to focus on what they do best, and that’s writing code and working on their projects. As a recruiter, it should be your goal to involve technical pros in your recruitment process only in the case of viable candidates. Asking your internal developers to interview candidates who cannot do what is asked of them puts unnecessary strain on your IT department and creates bottlenecks.

How to hire a programmer who can really code and has the right mindset? Take a look at the benefits of the formula presented in this ebook.

The benefits of our formula

Our customers have:

  • a higher volume of candidates
  • a 60% shorter Time-to-Hire
  • faster and more accurate screening
  • 65% fewer onsite interviews
  • a 35% higher Offer Acceptance Rate
  • turnover reduced by 27%image with a funnel illustrating how to hire a programmer

Ready to streamline your technical hiring process?

Download the ebook now and boost your hiring results right away!

how to hire a programmer ebook

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