31 must follow tech recruiter blogs

31 must follow tech recruiter blogs

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Recruiting tech talents is a tough job. The times when you could post a job ad on a job site and then wait for candidates to flood your inbox with resumes are gone for good. To recruit in IT, you need to test and adopt new methods of recruiting and some of the best sources for this are recruiter blogs. That way you can see what combination of techniques works by bringing you the most and best candidates.

In order for you to stay up to date with trends in tech recruiting market, we gathered Top 31 recruiter blogs that will help you find and recruit the best programmers. We’ve chosen them from hundreds of recruiter blogs on the internet, giving you only the most valuable ones. Read More

How can you use Devskiller in recruiting programmers?

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You are looking for a person who can not only code, but is also able to resolve your problems and meet your expectations. You post a job offer on a couple of recruiting portals, do a headhunt through LinkedIn or networking and contact recruiting agencies to get as many promising candidates as you can. Every resume or LinkedIn profile states that your candidate can program in specific languages and in certain frameworks. Read More

12 types of programmers

Types of programmers in 12 archetypes

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People who deal with code can be very peculiar. What do you think of when you hear the word “programmer”? Is it a strange but brilliant guy with no social skills? Of course, people like this exist, but you are also likely to meet other types of programmers as well. We had a crazy idea: take the twelve archetypes traditionally used in psychology as defined by Carl Gustav Jung and use them to define various types of programmers.

Here’s what we came up with. Which of these guys have you got on your team?

The 12 types of programmers

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How To Hire a Programmer (Even If You Don’t Know Coding)

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You need a programmer to turn your idea into reality. You know what the application, website, online service should look like and how it’s supposed to work, but you don’t have an idea how to actually make it happen. Perhaps you’ve hired a programmer who doesn’t perform well, and you don’t know why? We admit it’s hard to find a developer who meets your expectations and perfectly addresses your needs. Read More

Hit the bull’s eye with coding tests in natural environment [case study]

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After publishing a post concerning most common don’ts of hiring programmers we received some questions regarding programming tasks and the way we should verify coding skills.

From my long-term work experience I’ve got a lot of consulting practice on recruiting process of programmers in some of the biggest IT companies based mostly in central-eastern Europe.

We have written a lot on technical interviews. Check out The ultimate guide to the technical interview.

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10 most common don'ts of hiring programmers

10 most common don’ts of hiring programmers

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How often do you find yourself in being disappointed when hiring programmers? You spent hours of your time looking through hundreds of CVs, reviewing endless lines of code, and conducting interview after interview. You end up choosing someone but more often than not, they turned out to be far from what you have expected. This probably leaves you wondering what went wrong? Maybe we can help. Read More

199 out of 200 programmers don’t have programming skills … does it really matter?

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Almost 10 years ago Jeff Atwood wrote an article Why Can’t Programmers … Program? in which he stated that 199 out of 200 applicants for every programming job don’t have any programming skills and can’t write any code at all. The article created a lot of buzz on the internet. It was a pretty shocking revelation for the programming community. A lot of them did not accept that the percentage of people who only pretend to be programmers was so high. We can all agree that since then we’ve witnessed a huge boom in the IT market. The need for programmers is higher than ever so has something changed? Read More

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