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DevSkiller platform update – what is new #August2019

DevSkiller platform update – what is new? #August2019

DevSkiller platform update – what is new #August2019

A lot has happened this spring and summer.  Game of Thrones ended and since winter is no longer coming, it got really hot everywhere. Thanks to some blue-sky thinking and powerful air conditioning, some big changes have happened at DevSkiller. These will have a lasting impact on our customers so let’s jump right in.

Platform update: DevSkiller now runs on Google Cloud

Platform update: DevSkiller now runs on Google Cloud

If you log into DevSkiller right now, it probably looks the same as it did before. But don’t let that fool you, there is something big going on under the hood. The fact that we’re now on Google Cloud has huge implications for how you screen tech candidates now and in the future.

The most immediate changes that you can see and feel now, are our improved performance and reliability. Simply put, DevSkiller is now going to run faster and there’re going to be fewer days devoted to downtime. This means that you will be able to do more in less time without having your workflow interrupted.  And that’s just a small part of what this means for the future.

In addition to running on Google cloud, we now use Kubernetes. You don’t need to know what that is to understand that Kubernetes allows us to improve our deployment velocity. We’ll be able to come out with more features more quickly. Not only that, but it provides DevSkiller with ultra scalability. This means that we’ll start to see more and more improvements to DevSkiller coming out faster and faster. DevSkiller’s already great offerings are going to continue to get much better.

You can now test developers in React Native

Platform Update: You can now test developers in React Native

It used to be that in order to build a phone app, you needed to have a deep understanding of a language like Java or Objective-C. React Native has made it a lot easier to develop smartphone apps that run natively on both iOS and Android.

DevSkiller now supports React Native so that you can find the right developers for your mobile projects. You can start with our new React Native premade tasks.

Test developers directly from Workable

Platform update: Test developers directly from Workable

Workable is one of the most popular ATS systems out there. It is a great resource for technical recruiters and now, you don’t even have to leave Workable to test developers.

DevSkiller now integrates with Workable to make your life easier. Sending out tests can now be one of the stages in your Workable recruitment process. You can invite candidates to take tests straight from Workable and then see the summaries of their tests in your ATS.

It has never been so easy to add developer testing to your hiring process.

Better candidate initialization means you can send a ton more invites

Platform update:Better candidate initialization means you can send a ton more invites

It now only takes a few seconds for a candidate to receive your test invite. Before it was pretty fast so few seconds is lightning speed. The more important thing about this update is that it will allow you to manage workspaces differently.

As part of the update, you can now send invites to a large number of candidates all at once. What does this mean for you? Currently, the limit of invites you can send in one batch is still 100. But if you want to send out more tests, just ask us so that we can help make it run more smoothly. So next time you want to send 1700 candidates all at once, you absolutely can.

Candidates can now give feedback while taking their test

Platform update: Candidates can now give feedback while taking their test

Your candidates take their coding tests seriously and they absolutely should. After all, you’re using these tests to decide if your candidates are worthy of being hired. To ensure you are using the best tests possible, we hold an incredibly high standard for the tests that our customers and us create. Still, an unclear task definition can occasionally slip through the cracks.

If there is a technical glitch in the middle of the test, this could be devastating for a candidate so we’ve now given an option for them to report issues while taking the test. This could be as simple as a misplaced comma or a technical issue. This will allow us to deal with the issue immediately by either fixing our own tests or informing the test creator about the issue. This is just another way that DevSkiller empowers you to give amazing candidate experience.

You can now send feedback for every test you send

Platform update: You can now send feedback for every test you send

Feedback is super important to providing a good candidate experience. It is generally given based on all of the tests a candidate does. But life can be messy at times. Sometimes you think you have finished the testing process for the candidate but for whatever reason you need to send them a new test. To iron out the kinks in your recruitment process, you can now send separate pieces of feedback after each test that they take. This way, you can ensure that your candidates will stay informed at every stage in the process.

Code Gap tests are even more accurate

Platform update: Code Gap tests are even more accurate

Developers love greenfields software development but a lot of software development involves maintaining existing systems. Code Gap tests are a great way to see whether your candidate can identify what’s missing in a piece of software. But sometimes these tests can give a false positive. Our new testing algorithm eliminates most of these false positives by taking into account errors like white space and letter case. The test author still has control over what counts as an error so it can match this new testing algorithm to the technology and test involved.

All new coding tasks

Platform update: All new coding tasks

A lot of our customers don’t have the time or interest in creating their new coding tests. But they still want new tests in established and new technologies. Never ones to let down our customers we are currently working on creating new and innovative coding tasks that will challenge and interest your developer candidates. Specifically, you will find new coding tasks in the following technologies.

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