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the Yellow Duck Podcast with Yegor Bugayenko

[Podcast]: Yegor Bugayenko discusses technical skills and the XDSD

the Yellow Duck Podcast with Yegor Bugayenko

In this episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast, we’re talking to Yegor Bugayenko who is a seasoned software architect, writer, and the author of the unique XDSD methodology for developing software and managing the work of developers.

This episode is definitely really interesting because Yegor shares his views on the state of technical hiring and makes some predictions for the future. He talks about his experience with  Amazon recruiters which you can read about in his post “Why I Don’t Talk to Google Recruiters” which got 300+ comments. If you haven’t already, make sure to read it, it sums up the biggest problems that IT recruitment is facing at the moment.

Listen to this episode to hear Yegor’s insights on:

  • Building your technical skills
  • His technical recruitment experience
  • Networking
  • Establishing your unique software developer brand
  • How things work at Zerocracy
  • A new way to develop software called XDSD and its principles

More about Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor BugayenkoYegor Bugayenko is a professional Java engineer and project manager with certifications in PMP®, RUP, PRINCE2 Foundation, MCP, and COSMIC. He’s an author, blogger, avid Twitter user boasting 12,000 followers. He’s spent the last decade changing the way that software is developed by creating a new methodology called “eXtremely Distributed Software Development” (XDSD) and applying to every software projects developed at Zerocracy, Bugayenko’s software engineering and management freelancing platform. According to Yegor, this process promises to eliminate busy-work, reduce waste, and cut down on failed projects which can be achieved by following the XDSD principles. Yegor is also an investor and a philanthropist – he donates a few thousand dollars annually (since 2015) to the best open source project, which he selects in a competition.

XDSD principles

  • NoMagic, rely on discipline and control much more than on trust and talent
  • NoSalaries, pay fixed fees only for deliverables of microtasks, never per hour/month
  • NoMeetings, don’t talk to each other anywhere outside of GitHub tickets
  • NoObligations, encourage programmers to work only when they find it profitable
  • NoHelp, don’t teach programmers and don’t help them
  • NoAltruism, encourage egoism and laziness
  • NoFear, encourage programmers to find bugs and pay them for it

You can follow Yegor here:

Listen to the Yellow Duck podcast with Yegor Bugayenko

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