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Przemek Berendt from Luxoft shares a piece of mind on the Yellow Duck Podcast


Have you guys heard Luxoft yet? They’re a technological solutions company dedicated to devs globally, hiring over 12000 of them. How? Oh yeah! They give out uber-cool, uniquely designed t-shirts. More on that in another article.

In this episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast you’ll get to hear all about it.

Why are we talking about Luxoft? Well, we had the pleasure of hosting Przemek Berend, Luxoft’s Global Marketing Vice President.

Przemek is responsible for B2B marketing, employer branding, external relations and corporate social responsibility at Luxoft. He holds an M.Sc. degree from DePaul University and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, where he completed its Program for Leadership Development. Personally, he is a devoted father of four and a fan of CrossFit and triathlons.

His position there was interesting for us since his education in IT and an absolute knack for business. How does one combine the two? Find out in the show.

But not only that.

  • Check out comments from Przemek and our host, Marcin Kraszewski on the local startup scene, what is great and what is really lacking.
  • Taking an idea to a business and insight from Luxoft
  • The unavoidable machine learning and automation, as well as how to use technology to position your business.

Oh, and don’t miss the most important question – Will our host, Marcin Kraszewski start CrossFit? And more importantly, would he survive?
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