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A sneak peak of ‘Secure by Design’ with authors Daniel Sawano and Daniel Deogun, here on the Yellow Duck podcast

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Security breaches and systems being hacked is something that we hear about almost every day. Despite all the literature and expert advice on security, it still happens. Something is clearly not working, right? That’s where Daniel Deogun and Daniel Sawano step in. So if you are interested in software security subject you should definitely listen to this podcast.

Daniel Deogun, Coder & Quality defender, currently Sr. Consultant at Omegapoint AB and Daniel Sawano, an Agile Developer, Software Architect, senior software engineer at Avanza Bank, present a different approach toward creating secure software.

In their upcoming book ‘Secure by Design’ they investigate the importance of design-centered thinking in the software development process. They apply their combined multi-decade experience in software security to their thought-provoking and informative book.

In a conversation with Yellow Duck host Marcin Kraszewski, Deogun and Sawano go in-depth discussing the importance of considering even the smallest or simplest pieces of code as integral to the overall security profile of any product. In embracing Agile software methodologies, certain processes can be shortened or even eliminated. The rush to get software out of the door faster is leaving the door open to security issues, which would have been easily eliminated, had the right amount of thought gone into writing the software in the first place.

Their findings indicate that when a software team is focused on creating high-quality well-designed software security will be much easier to achieve. This is because many security vulnerabilities occur when people build solutions too quickly, not considering basic development standards. This sometimes leads to a haphazard approach that leaves systems vulnerable to penetration by hackers, identity thieves, and corporate spies. They point out that a badly designed and overlooked programming element may be the achilles heel of a highly complex product, regardless of having passed a robust set of automated tests.

In a down-to-earth, and inspiring interview Daniel Deogun and Daniel Sawano explain their easy to understand software development philosophy. They know how important software is to our daily lives, and they hope by sharing their insights, the software development industry will take the necessary steps to make software safe once and for all.

You can find more about Daniel Deugun and Daniel Sawano and their thoughts:

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