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Web developer job description template

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Web developer job description template Blog

Web development. It’s an all-encompassing term. “What does a web developer do?” is a common question that is often asked by people outside of the tech field.

To help you understand the requirements and definition of this role, we have compiled a web developer job description to help spell out the details.

What is a web developer

A web developer is someone who is able to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications from a web interface design. The term is broadly used and can include any developer whose work supports a website. There are essentially three types of web developers. Front-end web developers are responsible for the elements of a website that users see and interact with. Back-end web developers are responsible for the ‘behind the scenes code’ that dictates how the website functions. While full-stack web developers are able to do a bit of both.

Generally speaking, web developers are employed to write code using a variety of programming languages. The most skilled developers are not only fluent in many languages, but importantly they are able to continue learning new technologies and strive to find the best method to solve a problem.

The most important web developer skills

  • Languages: Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Libraries: AngularJS, React, Amber, and EmberJS
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues and known solutions
  • Testing tools: Webpack, Jasmine, Karma, etc
  • Asynchronous request handling, partial page updates and Ajax
  • Tools: Photoshop, Gimp
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal
  • SEO
  • Responsive design

Below you will find a web developer job description template. This template includes examples of the responsibilities and skills which are typical for such a position. Of course, this template is just a starting-point – we strongly recommend that you customize the template so that it fits the exact job that you wish to fill. As the job description of a web developer is quite multi-faceted, there is often more than one developer collaborating on a project. Web developers have different specializations but in this article we will focus on the role quite broadly.

Web developer job description template: A day in the life of a web developer Image credit: Alexandra Gordon – Balance

Web Developer Job Description Template

Can this be you?

Our organization is looking for an experienced web developer to join our in-house team. It is preferred that you have three to five years of work experience as a web developer, UI/UX developer, or JavaScript specialist in a similar capacity.

As a developer, you will be working with other programmers to design and develop web-based solutions for a range of products and devices. Projects may range in complexity from smaller tasks remotely supporting customers, to bigger projects with an emphasis on developing the software that powers our company’s range of products. Your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently within a team is imperative.

Whether you are a creatively-minded front-end developer or an eager problem solver, this is an exciting opportunity to join our innovative company with a core emphasis on digital transformation. You will have the freedom to delve into creating front-end and back-end components, along with the design and development of web APIs and contribute to additional functionality with our current product suite.

Ideally, you should be able to demonstrate hands-on experience in using current trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance optimization, accessibility, and usability.


Generally, you will be working closely with the design and development/programming teams to develop servers and databases for website functionality and coding across multiple platforms. You will, therefore:

  • be responsible for website and software development, writing maintainable and reusable code
  • create quality mockups and prototypes from UI/UX designs, ensuring high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency
  • wireframe for web pages and email templates
  • gain feedback continuously from users, customers, and colleagues
  • provide advice to the marketing team on website and app optimization opportunities and supporting implementation with the digital agencies
  • help to research, analyze and provide suggestions for new software solutions
  • collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to manage IT requirements for website and digital marketing services
  • collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve usability
  • actively review website/app performance – offer recommendations to the marketing team
  • test and optimize websites, code, and assets for maximum speed and scalability over multiple devices and browsers
  • evaluate third party/agency code to ensure it meets industry standards and is universally compatible with various browsers and platforms
  • [Please add/remove any other responsibilities that are relevant/irrelevant]

You’re a great fit for this role if you:

  • perform well in a fast-paced environment
  • value an innovative and creative workplace
  • are a great communicator who is focused on discovering solutions facilitating meaningful discussions and building consensus

Skills and qualifications

You will need to demonstrate:

  • proficiency with front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • familiarity with JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, Amber and EmberJS
  • proficiency with back-end languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Groovy, PHP and C#
  • familiarity with Java EE and ORM frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate
  • middleware skills on the REST/SOA services, APIGEE or APIConnect
  • knowledge of database technology such as MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB
  • experience with RDBMS and NoSQL
  • DevOps methodologies and tools with deep exposure in 1 or 2 layers
  • experience with AWS/Cloud based technologies
  • broad experience with UI layouts, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap and CSS GRID system
  • a solid understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and known solutions
  • practical knowledge of testing tools like Webpack, Jasmine, Karma, etc
  • understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates and Ajax
  • basic knowledge of graphic manipulation tools such as Photoshop
  • [Please add any other framework, library, or any other technology related to your development stack]

The following would be an advantage:

  • three to five years of work experience in a similar role
  • finger on the pulse of industry standards and emerging technologies
  • a good understanding of SEO principles

What we offer:

  • [Please add anything relevant that you want your candidates to be aware of]

End of Template

Why is it important to nail the web developer job description?

When writing the job description for a web developer, an effective technique is to make the job itself and your company sound as attractive and fascinating as possible. Your aim is to appeal to the masses, whilst also inspiring the most driven and qualified candidates. Keep in mind though, transparency about the role is of utmost importance. Naturally, the job description is dependant on specific variables and requirements for your company.

Web developer job description template- Why is it important to nail the web developer job description?Image credit: Pexels

Web developer skills

As discussed, web developers must be quite multi-talented. Being able to design is a talent the web developer requires even before needing to code. Aside from using HTML proficiently, the web developer should have the skills to make everything interactive. Javascript knowledge along with it’s frameworks like Angular and React are necessary. This is in addition to back-end capabilities like understanding how servers function as well as the use of databases and APIs. Having some insight into the world of digital marketing, particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is looked kindly upon as a web developer. Finally, soft skills like being a good communicator, a team-player, and working methodologically are the keys to being a great web developer.

Web developer responsibilities

The terms “web developer” or “full-stack web developer” are fairly generic. After all, not every advanced full-stack developer knows the exact same set of technologies. The role is broad and so are the responsibilities. From coordinating with the technical director on design concepts to producing high-quality code for layout and user interfaces and integrating data from various back-end services and databases. There is no rest for the wicked in the world of web development!

Hopefully, this article provided you with a web developer job description template that will be useful. You can keep reading more about job descriptions with our front-end developer job description.

Also, if you want to map tech skills in your organization, check out our talent analytics software.

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