Complete C++ developer salary data

March 11, 2020
Complete C++ developer salary data

C++ developers are constantly in demand in the job market and knowing expected C++ developer salary is important. At the same time, C++ is widely used across industries, mainly in an application domain. In fact, C++ can be found everywhere. Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux – all of these operating systems are programmed in C++ and C, So are two of the most popular databases – MySQL and Postgres. C++ is also widely used as a backend technology in graphics applications that employ computer vision and high-end graphical processing, including games that are heavy on graphics. What is more, C++ is suitable for embedded systems (smartwatches, medical machines, etc.), financial systems, telephone switches, cloud storage systems, browsers, and compilers.

What makes C++ such a widely used and trusted backend technology? It’s a general-purpose, compiled, statically typed, case sensitive, and free-form programming language which is an enhanced version of C. C++ provides rich library support in the form of Standard Template Library (STL). One of the biggest advantages of the language is its speed: C++ is faster than most programming languages.

C++ developers are responsible for writing efficient code in C++ or modifying the existing code in order to develop various applications and programs. They’re also in charge of managing memory consumption issues. In short, a C++ developer is supposed to create executable programs that facilitate organizational operations.

In this article, we’re looking at the C++ programmer salary.

Average C++ developer salary in the United States

The fact that C++ is such a widely used and in-demand language affects an average C++ developer salary. Let’s compare data coming from the most popular websites that provide salary information: PayScale, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

c++ developer salary payscale-averageAccording to PayScale, an average C++ developer salary in the United States stands at $71,677 per year.

c++ developer salary average-glassdoorGlassdoor shows a higher C++ programmer salary number which is $95,052 per year.

c++ developer salary indeed-averageThe average salary provided by Indeed is the highest and stands at $118,076 per year.

Entry-level C++ developer salary

It’s a common situation in the job market that entry-level salaries are lower than average and then increase with the developer’s experience. C++ developers are in the same situation.

c++ developer salary payscale-entrylevelAccording to PayScale, an entry-level C++ developer earns $66,058 per year.

c++ developer salary glassdoor-entrylevelAccording to Glassdoor, an average entry-level C++ developer makes $77,111 per year.

An average C++ salary based on experience

PayScale also provides a very interesting chart that shows how salaries go together with experience. In most cases (see an average .NET developer salary as an example) the growth is stable and predictable. The more years of experience, the higher the salary. It’s not as straightforward in terms of salaries of C++ developers.

c++ developer salary payscale-experienceEntry-level and junior developer salaries are pretty flat and then grow steadily after reaching more or less 5 years of experience. The possible reason behind it is that C++ is not an easy language to master.  Learning takes years, but then this skill is highly rewarded.

C++ developer salary in NYC

Another factor that plays an important role in the amount of salary is the location. In NYC, for example, an average C++ developer salary is 8% higher than the national average, at least according to PayScale.

c++ developer salary average-NYC-payscaleOther factors increasing a C++ developer salary

One of the advantages of C++ is that it works well with other technologies, both software, and hardware. That’s why additional skills of C++ developers are rewarded by higher salaries. Among the top complementary skills, there are:

  • familiarity with Android, OS X, iOS, Windows,  and Linux,
  • familiarity with databases (for example, MySQL or MongoDB),
  • a good understanding of memory management,
  • a good understanding of TCP/IP protocol,
  • familiarity with continuous integration and more, depending on the project,
  • knowledge of project management methodologies,
  • experience with algorithms and data structure,
  • understanding software development lifecycle,
  • familiarity with other programming languages, such as C, C#, Java, Python,
  • and more, depending on the project and company.


As you can see, C++ developers are in high demand which significantly affects their average salaries, especially among experienced, senior C++ developers. In addition, their skillset can be broad and include a deep understanding of top-notch technologies, both software, and hardware. That’s why writing a clear and detailed job description and specifying the needs upfront is one of the keys to success. Another one is effective technical screening of the candidates at the recruitment stage. Hiring C++ developers is not an easy task, but using the right screening & online interviews software makes a real difference in the recruitment process.

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