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Guide to the perfect candidate experience [6 tips and strategies]

Design the perfect hiring process by addressing the areas that negatively impact your candidate experience.

Improve the quality of your hires

Help you build a positive employer brand

Improve your cost per hire

Increase the number of referrals

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The importance of a good reputation

Your reputation is everything and it’s never been easier for candidates to share their negative experiences online. Find out how to ensure the reputation of your company is one that candidates speak fondly of with their network.

Write candidate-centric job advertisements

Job advertisements tell a story. Use these techniques to optimize your job advertisements so your candidates can see the benefits of working with you.

Build an inviting careers page

The careers page is a glimpse of what life would be like at your company. Use our tried and true strategies to make it as inviting as possible.

Keep your application process simple

Online applications have become a painful necessity for candidates. By using these simple tips, you can ensure the maximum number of applications from your job postings.

Build an efficient interview process

There is nothing worse than having to sit through endless interviews that don’t bring results. Use these tips to build a better interview process for your candidates.

Feedback is critical

Providing regular and actionable feedback is vital to the happiness of your candidates. Find out why feedback is so important for a positive candidate experience.

We’ve conducted extensive research for this ebook and included the findings along with the tips and strategies mentioned above. Using this information you’ll be prepared to optimize your technical recruitment process with the candidate in mind.

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