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Using DevSkiller as one of the best CodeSignal alternatives

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Since you’re here, you’re most likely looking for a platform to help you assess programming skills for recruitment purposes. This site will let you compare DevSkiller and CodeSignal features side by side.

Building a strong tech team is a tough challenge. Every time you hire a developer, you have to make sure they have the skills necessary to perform on the job. There are many tech HR tools on the market and it’s important that you find the right one for your developer hiring needs.

DevSkiller is one of the best CodeSignal alternatives. The platform allows you to screen a number of technical skills across 57 languages, frameworks, and libraries, including iOS and Android developer screening.

What makes DevSkiller unique is the RealLifeTesting™ methodology which mirrors a real day at work.  All tests are focused on problem-solving and practical knowledge instead of coding not trivia. As a result, DevSkiller coding tests have high predictive validities. In practice, this means DevSkiller helps you identify the best programmers early in the process. As a consequence, you can cut your number of technical interviews which takes a lot of pressure off your HR and tech teams.

The results of our customers speak for themselves:

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If you’re concerned with security, we have good news. DevSkiller comes with a number of security-focused features, including online proctoring, social listening for task leaks, and SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO).

If you’d like to find reliable CodeSginal alternatives, we strongly recommend that you try out DevSkiller for free. We have a free trial available which allows you to test 15 candidates without any charge.

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83% would recommend DevSkiller to a friend or colleague

Rating: 5/5

“The tests include real programming projects and not only questions which I think is very valuable. The rating of the tests is automatic and takes into consideration not only implemented functionality but also coding style, following best practices etc. It is also very easy to use.”

Jonatan R.R&D Manager
Rating: 5/5

“They saved me money, time, and effort. Not to mention the emotions and costs required to fire individuals who are not up to par. I am so glad i paid for this amazing service and i will surely be back for every single recruitment needs i will have in the future when it comes to developers.”

Ali A.Founder & CEO
Rating: 5/5

“DevSkiller has helped us save a ton of time by allowing us to shortlist only candidates who have performed well in tests for interviews. Furthermore there are preset tests that allow you to choose suitable tests for junior, mid level or senior candidates.”

Stelvin ThamHead of Operations

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