Codility alternatives

Using Devskiller as one of the best Codility alternatives

Choosing the right technical screening and interview platform can be a tall task. This site will help you compare Codility and Devskiller features so you can select a platform based on your recruitment needs.

Without a doubt, Devskiller is one of the best Codility alternatives. The platform is used to assess coding skills by companies worldwide, including The European Commission, Accenture, YouGov, and Deloitte.

With Devskiller, you can test a wide range of skills across many languages, frameworks, and libraries. Devskiller allows you to test frontend, backend, database, QA, and mobile skills of your candidates through work sample tests. Because our software is powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology, you can single out top performers and boost your hiring results immediately.

If you’re looking for reliable Codility alternatives with satisfied customers from all around the world, make sure to give Devskiller a try. You can see Devskiller in action by registering for a free trial (with up to 15 candidate invites).

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