Swift online test for interviewing and screening developers

Select a Swift online test from the following frameworks to test, assess and analyze the skills of job applicants. For Junior, Middle and Senior level developers, these online tests are a great way to test the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. This means that you can make a more informed profile of applicants and employ only the best developers.

The best Swift tests to find an iOS developer

Recommended roles for Swift developers:

  • iOS developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Junior ios developer
  • Swift developer
  • Mobile engineer
  • Senior ios developer
  • Junior mobile developer
  • Senior mobile developer

How our online Swift tests work

Devskiller’s Swift online coding tests for mobile app developers are built around the RealLiftTesting™ methodology. In our range of mobile developer tests, the candidate is given a set of tasks that require them to build upon existing software, debug existing code, or problem-solve various errors. Candidates can take tests that also uses Objective C, the language for iOS apps before 2014. 

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology allows you to test the skills and abilities of developers in real-life situations, thus giving you a more detailed insight into not only their coding skills but their creativity, time management, and business mindset. 

Key features

  • Let your candidates take a test anywhere in the world at any time. 
  • Measure, test, and asses your candidate’s software coding skills, rather than their academic abilities
  • Give your candidate access to all the tools they need to create the best possible mobile app they can. 
  • Verify and ensure the originality of your candidate’s coding with robust and versatile plagiarism controls
  • Tests are automatically evaluated, and a non-technical report is automatically sent to recruiters, allowing them to make an informed decision
  • Test for junior, middle, and senior positions

What to look for in Swift developers

As Swift is used to develop mobile apps for iOS, a mobile app developer must be skilled in both Swift, but also Objective C. A talented Swift developer will also have comprehensive knowledge about the Swift Standard library – documentation for writing both simple and complex programs using Swift. Other libraries like UIKit are also good to know. 

Be sure to look for a candidate that has experience developing complex mobile apps in the past. This will give you an insight into not only their skills, but also whether they were a lead developer, architect, or more of a general developer. 

Don’t see what you want?

Can’t find the ideal Swift online coding test you need? No stress. You can use Devskiller to create your own Swift coding test, specific to the needs of the role you’re hiring for. Control the entire environment that your candidate has, and give them access to the same resources that they’d have working in the same position. 

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