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Test je kombinován z různých úloh. Programovací úloha a otázky s výběrem odpovědí. Všechny se vyhodnocují automaticky.

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Java | Book Club Meeting Service - Fix the bugs in the book club meeting service.

Úroveň: Easy

Testované dovednosti: Java

Otázky s výběrem odpovědí

5 otázek s výběrem odpovědí, které hodnotí znalost jazyka Java

Úroveň: Easy

Testované dovednosti: Java

Otázky s výběrem odpovědí

1 choice questions assessing knowledge of Java

Úroveň: Střední

Testované dovednosti: Java

Automatické vyhodnocení

Automaticky vyhodnocujeme testy s výběrem odpovědí a programovací úlohy a hodnotíme kandidáty. z hlediska logické správnosti, časové efektivity a kvality kódu.

Online Junior Java programming test for tech recruiters

A programming test is a powerful tool for screening developers which helps you to discover which type of knowledges your candidate has. The Junior Java programming test from Devskiller is a great choice if you are looking for a qualified developer with the knowledge of different frameworks and libraries.

This Java programming test helps tech recruiters find and hire the top talent as it makes the evaluation of tech skills fast. The Junior Java programming test can be a great tool for screening technical candidates. It’s quick and effective, even without engaging your developers who are typically knee-deep in work.

As Devskiller tests are powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology you have a chance to watch your candidates perform in a potential work environment. 

Designed to screen Junior Java Developer candidates

With the help of our Junior Java Developer test, it is possible to verify the skill set of developers who have approximately 1-2 years of experience. Of course, the years of experience needed to reach this level of seniority should be treated tentatively as they depend on multiple factors.

You can use this Junior Java programming test to assess the candidates for the following positions:

  • Junior Java vývojář
  • Juniorní programátor v jazyce Java
  • Junior Java Software Engineer
  • Juniorní programátor softwaru Java
  • Juniorní vývojář softwaru Java 
  • Junior Backend Java Developer

Java online test for technical screening and interviews

There are a number of applications of a Junior Java Developer test, the two key ones being technical screening and online interviews. To get an understanding of what a given developer can or cannot do at your organization, you need to have an understanding of their level of advancement in languages, frameworks, and libraries. Our tests are developed by Java specialists, so you do not need to involve your developers in the recruiting process early on. With an efficient technical screening platform, you can limit the time your internal developers spend on candidates to avoid creating bottlenecks.

Devskiller Java programming test advantages

To get the top developers for the open position at your company, you need to be fast as someone else can make them an offer before you do. Using our Junior Java programming test you can just send the test invitation via email and wait for the results to appear in your dashboard. This is a fast, secure, and easy way to check the skills of the candidates which allows you to make decisions a lot faster than you normally would.

Here’s why Devskiller is easy to use:   

  • take advantage of the predefined tests library for different positions – they can be successfully used if you’re not proficient in coding
  • get a full report on the candidate’s results, with the option to anonymize your results to remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process
  • try LiveSkiller™ to check the candidate’s skills 

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