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RealLifeTesting Methodology defined – Master the art of technical screening

Level up your technical screening process with DevSkiller powered by the RealLifeTesting™ Methodology. This white paper will demonstrate the pillars of the methodology that powers all TalentScore coding tests.

Certifikační kurz Tech HR

Certifikační kurz DevSkiller Tech Recruitment

Připojte se k více než 6 000 náborářů z předních společností v oboru, jako jsou Amazon a Walmart eCommerce, kteří již získali certifikát. Objevte nejlepší taktiky, jak najímat špičkové talenty jako profesionál.

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5 otázek, které je třeba si položit při výběru řešení pro technické hodnocení Ebook

Zjistěte vše potřebné o výběru nejlepšího řešení technického hodnocení. Jak zjistit, kdy ho potřebujete, a na co si dát pozor.

Unconscious bias webinar

On-demand webinar: Eliminating unconscious bias in tech recruitment

Watch this webinar where our experts discussed strategies to end unconscious bias within the tech recruitment industry once and for all.

Webinář na vyžádání: Nábor techniků odhalen: Jak vytvořit vítězné partnerství mezi HR a IT?

Ve 3. díle naší série webinářů #DevRec se dozvíte, jak dosáhnout trvalého úspěchu při náboru zaměstnanců v oblasti technologií díky efektivní spolupráci mezi personálním oddělením a IT.

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5 tajemství úspěšného náboru zaměstnanců v oblasti technologií Ebook

Tento průvodce náborem pracovníků v oblasti technologií podrobně popisuje tajemství, jak přilákat ty nejlepší talenty v oblasti technologií. Od tipů pro vyhledávání zdrojů až po výhody zvyšování kvalifikace. Přečtěte si více.

On-demand webinar – Tech recruitment unveiled: Secrets to successful hiring

In Part Two of our #DevRec Webinar Series, hear industry-proven tips & ticks from IT professionals for successful tech hires.

On-demand webinar – Tech recruitment unveiled: Secrets to successful HR & IT cooperation

In part one of our #DevRec Webinar Series, we share industry-proven tips & ticks for recruiting tech roles.

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The essential guide to technical hiring success Ebook

This complete technical hiring guide details the steps to take to attract the best tech talent. Including how to get your IT and HR teams on the same page, as well as sourcing and interview techniques.

On-Demand Webinar: How Jonah Group saves $70,000+ on tech skills assessments

Watch our recent customer success webinar with Jonah Group to discover how they save $200 per technical skills assessment.

Hiring data professionals: Designing a process that works

Hiring data professionals: Designing a process that works

This resource will show you how to hire the best data professionals and design a process that works.

How to source and recruit data professionals effectviely

On-Demand Webinar: How to source and recruit data professionals effectively

With demand for data talent outstripping supply, what tactics can you take to address the talent shortage? Watch this recording to find out!

The key roles of a modern Data-Driven Organization

This Ebook is design designed to help you understand the critical roles that make up a modern Data-Driven Organization.

Secrets of data-driven organizations

On-Demand Webinar: Secrets of Data Driven Organizations

The notion that every company should transform itself into a data driven organization has been around for many years now. The reality is however, that only a few companies admit that they know what it really means.

Tech talent trends and predictions for 2022

Tech Talent Trends and Predictions for 2022

Check out this Ebook for all of the latest Tech Talent trends and predictions to win the war for developer talent in 2022!

On-Demand Webinar: Insights & takeaways: DevSkiller Top IT Skills Report 2022

Watch the DevSkiller tech talent report webinar 2022 to discover the biggest tech recruitment trends and predictions for the year ahead.

On-demand webinar: Talent in Tech Discussions: The State of DevOps Recruitment

Speakers Jenna AronowAronow Recruiting Founder Rulana GanievaSourcing Enthusiast at AmazingHiring Global Tomasz NurkiewiczChief Technology Officer at DevSkiller Grab your seat!

Talent in tech discussions: Demystifying DevOps recruitment (Recording)

The global shift to remote work has accelerated the demand for DevOps experts. Surging demand for these individuals means that DevOps skills are projected to grow by 122% over the next five years.

Demystifying DevOps: A guide to DevOps recruitment

To know how to hire for a DevOps role and what to look out for, recruiters need to first debunk the myths surrounding DevOps. Read our Demystifying DevOps ebook to learn what DevOps is and what the role entails. Learn the best practices for DevOps recruitment.

Tech screening readiness assessment

Today’s pressing tech talent shortage means optimizing your hiring process is a business necessity. Take this short technical screening benefits assessment to see if automation will help you drive hiring results.

Request for proposal template

Level up your technical screening process with DevSkiller powered by the RealLifeTesting™ Methodology. This white paper will demonstrate the pillars of the methodology that powers all TalentScore coding tests.

On-demand webinar: Hire like Headspring: How to cut tech screening review time to 5 minutes

Watch this webinar to learn how US-based company Headspring hire better with a technical screening solution.

On-demand webinar: How Mindera hire 175+ developers per year

Watch the webinar to find out how cut the number of interviews by 8x and keep candidate drop off rate at 10%.

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On-demand webinar How to design the best hiring process for IT roles

Watch the webinar to find out how cut the number of interviews by 8x and keep candidate drop off rate at 10%.

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How to implement automation to hire the best software developers, faster

This ebook is designed to help you hire better developers, more efficiently with automation.

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The complete technical hiring pitfalls checklist

Identify and address these common mistakes with the complete technical hiring pitfalls checklist.

Nevědomá zaujatost

How to eliminate interviewer and unconscious bias from your hiring process

This ebook was designed to help you recognize and eliminate interviewer bias and unconscious bias from your technical hiring process.

Candidate experience ebook

Guide to the perfect candidate experience [6 tips and strategies]

Design the perfect hiring process by addressing the areas that negatively impact your candidate experience.

IT skills report 2021

Find which IT skills are in demand in 2021 in this report based coding tests sent by tech recruiters to developers in 156 countries worldwide.

10 pitfalls of technical hiring and how to fix them

Avoid the 10 biggest pitfalls of technical hiring by reading this ebook and never make a bad hiring decision again.

Software engineer interview questions horizontal

Software developer interview questions

This ebook comprises 259 varied software developer interview questions to help you prepare and conduct an amazing interview

DevSkiller top IT skills report 2020: Demand and hiring trends

DevSkiller top IT skills report 2020

Discover the global 2020 developer hiring trends with our original report based on real anonymized, aggregated customer data.

DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019 Cover Image

DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019

Take a closer look at the developer hiring landscape with the 2019 edition of our technical skills report with aggregated customer data.

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KPIs For Effective Recruiting

Evaluate and understand how well you are performing against your hiring goals with this handy printable KPI cheat sheet.

Nábor zaměstnanců podle GDPR

[INFOGRAFIKA]: Důsledky GDPR 2018 pro nábor zaměstnanců - připravte se!

Is your hiring process GDPR compliant? Check out what GPDR means for Human Resources professionals and how it affects their work.

nejlepší články o lidských zdrojích DevSkiller čísla platů softwarových inženýrů

Infografika platů softwarových inženýrů

How much do software engineers make on average? Which factors influence the software engineer salary the most?

Source software developers like a PRO

Master the art of creative developer sourcing across multiple channels, including LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub.

[CHECKLIST]Zkušenosti kandidátů 101 pro nábor softwarových vývojářů

[CHECKLIST] Zkušenosti kandidátů 101 pro nábor softwarových vývojářů

Follow this with a step-by-step checklist to give a consistently great candidate experience every time you recruit.

IT recruitment process that works

The tried and true techniques, strategies, and expert advice to supercharge your tech hiring on 100+ pages.

[INFOGRAFIKA]: Co potřebujete vědět, abyste v roce 2018 mohli najmout špičkové vývojáře?

The most important stats and industry benchmarks for hiring software engineers, all in one place.

True cost of recruiting a developer [infographic]

How much does it cost to hire a developer in-house or through a staffing agency? How high are the productivity losses? Find out in this data-packed infographic.

Hack the process of recruiting developers

Hack the process of recruiting programmers [with a Case Study]

This ebook is packed full of actionable tips and insights to help you streamline your tech recruitment process. Discover the seven-step formula to win over tech talent.

[Book]: IT Recruitment process that works

Optimize your developer hiring process with this book by Tom Winter and Kate Kandefer (PhD). Available on Amazon only.

Tips and Tricks to build a perfect DevSkiller test

In this practical webinar, you can find out how to create a DevSkiller test to assess the exact skill set needed for any tech role.

DevSkiller’s plagiarism checker and other security features that verify your results

Discover the wide range of DevSkiller security features including our plagiarism checker, social listening tools, IP tracking, and more.

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