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8 Reasons why you should use an applicant tracking system

8 Reasons why you should use an applicant tracking system

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Inside HR Departments, recruitment is one of the hardest tasks to master. Recruiting managers spend hours looking at resumes, making phone calls, and performing interviews in order to select the best candidates to join their company. They know better than anyone else the consequences a bad hire would bring to their company. The right applicant tracking system can help avoid this.

Making a bad hire can become a big expense (a bad developer can cost as much as $485,371.38). In other words, finding the right people can be crucial to the financial success of a company.

Applicant tracking systems help companies of all sizes find the right candidates

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What is the newest source of tech workers for US companies and what does that mean for US tech workers

What is the newest source of tech workers for US companies and what does that mean for US tech workers?

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The demand for tech workers is huge all over the world and no more so than in the United States. According to some estimations, the tech industry accounted for 8% of total U.S. economic activity in 2016, employing over 7 million tech workers. What these numbers show is that the tech industry is a major driver of the US economy and employment. But with tech workers comprising 10% of all jobs added to the economy, where are all these skilled tech workers coming from? Are they coming from the US or abroad? And if they are coming from the US, how do the skills of US-based tech workers stack up worldwide? Lesen Sie mehr

DevSkiller technical screening report

The DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019 is here!

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What is the current state of technical screening? How many companies are looking for a JavaScript developer? How are tech stacks typically bundled together and how does that affect the technical hiring industry?

These are all relevant IT recruitment questions which are often answered based on gut feeling. 

The good news, we now have the data to answer them. We do so in our latest technical screening report. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019

What’s in our technical screening report? 

Our technical screening report is packed full of developer hiring information, technical skills data, and geographical insights. It is based on data gathered from testing 112,654 developers from 120+ countries within a 365-day time span.  Lesen Sie mehr

human resources statistics 2019

75+ Human Resources statistics to guide your tech hiring in 2019

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2019 is around the corner and it’s time for us to take a look at all the most recent tech recruitment research. To help you make the best hiring decisions throughout 2019, we’re giving you 75 human resources statistics. The data gathered here can give you a good snapshot of the state of hiring at the end of 2018. 

We’ve gone through volumes of research by industry leaders including Stack Overflow, The Bureau of Labor Statistics, LinkedIn, Deloitte, ManpowerGroup, Glassdoor, Gallup, Jobvite, iCIMS Inc., NFIB, Sentier Research, USA Today, PayScale, and Thomson Reuters.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the Human Resources statistics for 2019!

Human Resources statistics for 2019

Talent shortage human resources statistics

1. 67% of recruiters see the lack of skilled and high-quality candidates as the biggest challenge in hiring. (Jobvite) Lesen Sie mehr

14 Gründe, warum Vielfalt in der Technik auch 2018 noch wichtig ist

Warum Vielfalt in der Technik wichtig ist

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Some commentators in Silicon Valley think that diversity in tech is no longer an issue. But here we are sitting in 2018. The Statistiken zur Vielfalt der Tech-Industrie zeigen, dass die Branche überwiegend weiß und männlich ist.

Ihre Ansichten sind vielleicht nicht so extrem wie die Google E-Mailer für Vielfalt. Dennoch glauben Sie vielleicht, dass alles so funktioniert, wie es sollte. Meritokratie bedeutet, dass die besten Leute unabhängig von ihrem Hintergrund die besten Positionen bekommen sollten. Hat dieser Ansatz nicht die besten technischen Produkte, Teams und Unternehmen hervorgebracht?

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Welche Jobs als Software-Ingenieur am meisten verdienen

Welche Jobs als Software-Ingenieur am meisten verdienen

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Software engineers are incredibly valuable with some software engineer jobs paying as much as you would a doctor or a lawyer. At the same time, the barrier to entry seems to be getting lower. The number of professional developers with less than a bachelor’s degree who responded to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey has grown to a full 25% of the respondents. This begs the question, if just about anybody can do it, what makes a computer engineer salary so high?

To find out, we needed a big data set so we turned to PayScale. Using that platform, not only are you able to see the salary range for a software engineer, you can break it down by skills, location, and company.

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DevSkiller platform update – what is new? #February2018

DevSkiller platform update – what is new? #February2018

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It’s 2018 and boy have we been busy. That means making our platform better and generally helping lift standards in the tech recruitment field. Our users have spoken and we’ve worked tirelessly to make their experience better.

We have a bunch of new cool features and products we have realised that will help you achieve your tech recruitment goals. So without further adieu, let’s see what’s new at DevSkiller.

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