Kartierung und Validierung von Entitäten Test für Junior-Java-Entwickler | JPA, Hibernate

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110 Minuten
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Test wird aus verschiedenen Aufgaben kombiniert. Programmieraufgabe und Auswahlfragen. Alle werden automatisch ausgewertet.


Aufgabe der Programmierung

Java | JPA/Hibernate | entities mapping and validation - Make the classes from the com.devskiller.model package JPA/Hibernate entities with Bean Validation API validations.

Ebene: Einfach

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Winterschlaf, Java, JPA


3 choice questions assessing knowledge of Java

Ebene: Einfach

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Java


3 choice questions assessing knowledge of Java, JPA

Ebene: Medium

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Java, JPA

Automatische Auswertung

Wir bewerten automatisch Multi-Choice-Tests und Programmieraufgaben und bewerten den Kandidaten Code für logische Korrektheit, Zeiteffizienz und Codequalität.

Test for Junior Java Developer and interview questions

This Junior Java programming test is an important tool for finding and verifying skills of the best Junior Java Developer candidates. After taking this Java skills test you’ll be able to see exactly which one of your candidates you should invite to the next round of in-person interviews.

It’s all powered by DevSkiller’s RealLifeTestingTM methodology. The principle behind our Java online test and Java interview questions is that they reflect the actual tasks that a Junior Java Developer will do on their first day of work. It goes beyond abstract concepts to give you an accurate sample of their ability to applied business logic and coding skills from day one.

Ideal for Junior Java Developer roles

This online Java programming test is ideal for testing the Java developer skills of a Junior Java Developer with one to two years experience. Of course, it is not enough to simply rely on developer experience in the industry to understand their skillset. For this reason, it is essential that you give your Junior Java Developer candidates an online Java programming test to check their Java skills.

This Junior Java online test is useful for screening candidates for the following positions:

  • Junior-Java-Entwickler
  • Junior Java Programmer
  • Junior Java Software Engineer
  • Junior Java Software Programmer
  • Junior Java Software Developer
  • Junior Backend Java Developer

Why you should use a DevSkiller Junior Java online test to assess Java skills

Our Java online tests are already used by a number of companies across multiple verticals to test their Java developers on their Java skills. Already, these companies are seeing their Time to Hire decreased by 60% while cutting away 65% of their unnecessary interviews. DevSkiller’s screening method has been proven over and over again to be the best way to assess the skills of a Junior Java Developer.

Why you need a good Java online test if you are a tech recruiter 

This Junior Java online test which utilizes our RealLifeTestingTM methodology goes a step beyond other Java programming tests and basic Java interview questions to really get to the heart of the skills that a Junior Java developer has.

DevSkiller customers can see their IT recruitment process improve by:  

  • taking 60% less time to hire a Junior Java Developer
  • saying goodbye to 65% of unnecessary interviews
  • screening candidates faster and more accurately