Finden Sie unter Freunden die besten Filme auf der Watchlist Test für Junior-Java-Entwickler | Spring, Hibernate

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Dauer des Tests
44 minutes


Test is combined from various tasks. Programming task and Choice questions. All evaluated automatically.


Aufgabe der Programmierung

Java | Movies Analyzer | Top-Filme auf der Watchlist unter Freunden finden - Implementieren Sie eine Methode, die ein Array mit den vier Top-Filmtiteln zurückgibt, die von Freunden eines bestimmten Benutzers am häufigsten gesehen wurden.

Ebene: Einfach

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Java


9 choice questions assessing knowledge of CleanCode, Hibernate, Java, JPA, Spring

Ebene: Einfach

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: CleanCode, Hibernate, Java, JPA, Spring


1 choice questions assessing knowledge of Spring

Ebene: Medium

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Frühling

Automatische Auswertung

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.

Junior Java programming test online

Junior Java programming test consists of different types of questions like multichoice, code gaps, and programming tasks. These tasks are developed by our experts with the aim to check the competency of developers for the position of the Junior Java developer.

With DevSkiller’s test for the Junior Java developer position, you can receive a full report on tested skills which will help you in choosing the appropriate person for your position.

In order to make DevSkiller tests practice-oriented, they are powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology. This methodology shows you how the candidate is able to use his knowledge in the real work environment.

Perfect for Junior Java Developer openings

Our test for the Junior Java Developer position is helpful in verifying the skills for Junior positions with around 1 to 2 years of experience. Of course, the years of experience needed to reach this level of seniority should be treated tentatively as they depend on multiple factors.

DevSkiller Junior Java programming test is very helpful in screening developers for such openings as:

  • Junior-Java-Entwickler
  • Junior Java Programmer
  • Junior Java Software Engineer
  • Junior Java Software Programmer
  • Junior Java Software Developer 
  • Junior Backend Java Developer

Why you need DevSkiller Java programming test

When you hire a developer you need to screen their skills and knowledge. The best way to do this is implementing DevSkiller Java programming test as it can help you in checking how the person can implement perform at work. Also, DevSkiller verifies the knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, so it’s a lot more thorough than other tools.

Java online test for technical screening and code pair

As tech hiring is a competitive market nowadays it is very important to check the candidate’s knowledge at the very first step of the recruitment process. The faster you realize whether the candidate is the best match for your positions, the less time you will spend on inappropriate candidates for the position. Our Java programming test is powered by RealLifeTestingTM methodology which can make this process significantly faster.

Check out for a few of DevSkiller’s features:  

  • create your own tasks
  • organize online code pair sessions with LiveSkiller™ 
  • run online interviews right in the platform