Book Recommendation Service

Test für Middle Java-Entwickler

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Dauer des Tests

37 minutes



Geprüfte Fähigkeiten:


Test wird aus verschiedenen Aufgaben kombiniert. Programmieraufgabe und Auswahlfragen. Alle werden automatisch ausgewertet.


Aufgabe der Programmierung

Java | Book Suggestions Service - Implement all the methods in the BookSuggestionService class, so that they meet the mentioned requirements.

Ebene: Medium

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Java


6 Auswahlfragen zur Bewertung der Java-Kenntnisse

Ebene: Medium

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten: Java

Automatische Auswertung

Wir bewerten automatisch Multi-Choice-Tests und Programmieraufgaben und bewerten Code-Kandidaten auf logische Korrektheit, Zeiteffizienz und Code-Qualität.

Perfect online Middle Java Developer Test

If you go online to check out tips for developers on how to behave in an interview, you will see that people advise them to be confident. However, the confidence of the candidate doesn’t automatically translate into being a Java expert. Make sure you test your candidates with an online test for Mitte Java Developer before inviting them to the interview. This way, you cut the number of unnecessary interviews and save a lot of time as a consequence. 

Our tests verify whether the candidate has the necessary Fähigkeiten for this position and check the quality of their code. 

Designed to screen the Java developer skillset

This Middle Java Developer test was designed by our team of subject-matter experts for Java developers with 3+ years of experience. Of course, it can also be solved by candidates without such work experience, depending on their previous positions and how fast they learn.  

This Middle Java programming test can help you with screening candidates for the following positions:

The interview questions and tests for Middle Java developer

When you hire a developer, you have to be very precise about the skills set that the ideal candidate must have. Hiring a bad developer is expensive but using a technical screening platform lowers the risk of mishiring.  

What are the benefits of Devskiller tests

This test for the Middle Java Developer comprises two different types of tasks. The first one is choice questions, where the candidates have to choose the right answer. The second type is a programming task where the candidate is supposed to write code. Our tests verify the quality and functionality of the code automatically, so you don’t have to have programming skills to understand the results.

Why our tests are the ideal choice:   

  • RealLifeTesting™ methodology, which makes skill assessment look like the 1st day at work
  • a user-friendly Schnittstelle 
  • fully customizable tests and tasks