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Using DevSkiller as one of the best Interview Mocha alternatives

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Why DevSkiller is the best Interview Mocha alternative:

If you’re looking for the best Interview Mocha alternatives, you’re in the right place. This site will help you understand the key similarities and differences between Interview Mocha vs. DevSkiller in a handy table you can find below.

With DevSkiller, you can screen front end, back end, mobile, and infrastructure skills with one platform. The types of tasks used across DevSkiller are varied to give you a 360 view of the coding skills and problem-solving abilities of your candidates. They include multiple choice, database, code review, programming task, code gap, and essay questions.

DevSkiller assessments focus on work samples which make the platform great for predicting the future performance of developers. What is more, DevSkiller tests provide a positive candidate experience with 9 out of 10 developers finishing a DevSkiller test that they’ve started.

You can use DevSkiller to test multiple skills across 57 languages, technologies, and libraries, including: Java, JavaScript, .NET/C#, HTML/CSS, iOS, Android, SQL, and Ruby/Rails. We also test DevOps skills on virtual machines unlike other companies.

What is more, new and upcoming skills are constantly added to our coding test catalog.

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What makes us different from our competitors? It’s definitely The RealLifeTesting™ methodology powering our system. Thanks to the methodology, assessments are focused on what really matters, which is coding skills AND problem solving abilities. Our candidates solve real coding problems using the resources they normally consult like Stack Overflow or GitHub to give their skills justice.

What is more, with DevSkiller you can anonymize reports to decrease unconscious bias.


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We test programming languages, frameworks and libraries.
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DevSkiller helps make tech recruiting easier, faster, and smoother because it provides many different tests for various programming languages, libraries and technologies, with different difficulty levels.

Jonatan R.R&D Manager
Rating: 5/5

With DevSkiller I got the support I needed with continuous support from highly experienced Software engineers who helped me take my requirements and put them into fully functional tests.

Ali A.Founder & CEO
Rating: 5/5

We had to scale up our team quickly recently. We tried the DevSkiller trial which gave us the full features as the paid version. Big thanks to Will from DevSkiller for the excellent customer support during the trial 🙂

Stelvin Tham

Verify & develop coding skills seamlessly.

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