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Improve employee retention with career paths

Help your people become their best selves with skills-based approach to employee development.

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Discover what makes career pathing with DevSkiller different

Career paths feature

Empower your talent to become their best selves

Attract top talent

Make learning part of your employee value proposition to attract and retain top performers.

Remove bias from all talent decisions

Make objective hiring and promotion decisions based on skills and performance. Set clear expectations for every role and promotion.

Build a culture of collaborative learning

Increase knowledge sharing through mentorships, on-the-job training, external learning courses,  certifications, and more.

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Employee development

Keep your skills relevant through employee development

Skills inventory

Get a panoramic view of the skills in your organization to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Visualize each and every advancement opportunity

Give employees full visibility into their growth opportunities with personalized career paths.

Continuous skill audits

Keep an eye on current and emerging skill shortages and address them before they become blockers.

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Career paths: close skills gaps

Close skill gaps through concerted career paths

Personalized career paths

Help employees master their current skills and get ready for the future as new in-demand skills emerge.

Design goal-specific learning initiatives

Align talent development with your business objectives to ensure learning bridges your present and future skill gaps.

Enhance your internal mobility

Keep your talent engaged through enticing upskilling and reskilling programs.

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Promotion milestones

Design measurable promotion milestones for all roles

A fair promotion system based on merit

Remove bias from promotion decisions by creating transparent Skill Point tiers necessary to get promoted.

Give actionable skill recommendations

Spark initiative with guided growth toward the areas you need to capitalize on.

Multidimensional career paths

Create personalized career paths focused on skills, performance, and experience goals.

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Employee assessments

Strengthen career paths with employee assessments

Get a better understanding of learning effectiveness

Continuously monitor employee progress and help identify critical areas that need more improvement.

Guided hands-on development recommendations

Clearly define and recommend skills for your employees to acquire based on their prerequisites and your business objectives.

Give a sense of accomplishment

Empower your employees to select career paths and determine the steps they need to take to reach their dream job.

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