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Collaborative technical interviews live code pairing

Engage candidates with live code-pairing sessions. Make accurate hiring decisions based on skills, not a candidate’s CV.

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Discover what makes DevSkiller technical interviews different

Technical interview: Code pairing

Video interview with live code pairing

Code pairing with video

Get a sense of how the candidate thinks and solves problems in real time. Record your session for extra insights

Remote hiring without borders

Conduct technical interviews with candidates across the globe with ease.

Instantly connect with candidates

Easily interact with candidates with our live chatbox. Send messages instantaneously for a better overall experience.

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Data backed hiring decisions

Data-backed hiring decisions

 Automated results u0026amp; analytics

Utilize sophisticated reports to assess performance and role fit. Become data-driven with your hiring decisions.

User-friendly u0026amp; actionable reports

Results are automated and easy to understand even for non-technical professionals.

Sophisticated analytics dashboard

Assess the progress and efficiency of your recruitment campaign with our built-in analytics dashboard

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Technical interview: Candidate Experience

Unbeatable candidate experience

JetBrains In-browser IDEs

Candidates can choose to code in an in-browser IDE such as IntelliJ Idea for an unmatched coding experience.

Deliver real time feedback

Provide instant feedback or instructions to candidates with our built-in chatbox and CodePair features.

Hire without bias

Make consistent hiring decisions that are based on a candidate’s real coding skills.

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World-class security features

World class security

GDPR u0026amp; ISO compliance

DevSkiller is compliant with the major privacy regulations including the European GDPR and information and security management specification ISO 27001.

Gold standard data security

We partner with Google Cloud Services, Cisco Duo Security, and Datadog so you can be sure that your data is secure with DevSkiller.

Safe, reliable, and secure with 99.95% uptime

We guarantee that your processes won’t be affected by any downtime or technical issues.

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  • Before DevSkiller, every time there was a technical challenge, we were losing $200 of productivity per hour. In an organization where billable hours are key to our success, DevSkiller has helped us keep billable people working on billable project, and not doing assessments. The HR and employees who aren’t billable are taking that over.
    George Psofimis
  • DevSkiller automation allows us to focus more on soft skills and some of the finer details and architecture of the candidate’s code. We let DevSkiller do the heavy lifting so our engineers only spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the code.
  • After switching to DevSkiller, we’ve seen fewer candidates dropping and fewer delays in the process. More importantly, we now have hiring managers consistently using the same testing platform and technical assignments across the different global teams. Some are now collaboratively creating new tests.


DevSkiller is an all-in-one solution designed to assess and manage technical skills throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We have two products to choose from.  The first is our technical assessment solution called TalentScore. Our customers use this tool to screen and interview developers and to accurately predict how they will perform on the job. The second product is called TalentBoost which is a skills management platform to define, measure, and manage digital and IT skills.
DevSkiller technical interviews are all about process efficiency. Don’t waste your developer’s time by interviewing every single candidate but instead only spend the time and energy on those that actually could be a good fit. With a DevSkiller technical interview you can focus on the skills that matter and form objective evaluations that are free from bias. A DevSkiller technical interview allows you to code pair with candidates, ask questions, and provide feedback all in real-time. This candidate experience is unmatched by any other provider on the market.
DevSkiller TalentScore assesses over 220 technologies. We assess candidates through a variety of questions and challenges focused on understanding their true coding skills. See the full list of technologies covered here. There are even more covered but perhaps are not in large numbers so we did not create categories for them in order to keep everything neat and easy to navigate.
The answer varies depending on the difficulty and scope of the role. With that said, DevSkiller recommends anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes to conduct a technical interview with code pairing effectively. Have your choice of using our predefined technical assessments or opt for a custom assessment that is built using your own codebase. You can also use our automatic assessment duration calculator to help with this decision.
With DevSkiller, you can conduct seamless technical assessments and interviews to secure the best talent available on the market. There are several things that make our assessment platform the best-in-class. We provide a second-to-none candidate experience through tasks that actually provide an accurate prediction of how a candidate will perform at work. We have a variety of custom assessment options, video interviewing, code pairing, reports, and integrations with all of the leading ATS providers in the industry. We believe that DevSkiller aces all of those areas. But don’t take our word for it, reach out to us and take a look for yourself.
The DevSkiller RealLifeTesting™ is our proprietary methodology used to accurately and definitively validate technical skills. The RealLifeTesting™ Methodology is used to power all DevSkiller technical assessments. Our methodology is centered around the concept that coding skills should be evaluated with work sample tests that are focused on real-world and applicable coding skills. We aim to mirror the first day of work with work samples that provide highly accurate results. The DevSkiller RealLifeTesting™ Methodology consists of three central pillars; holistic testing, real-world testing conditions, and assessing the entire technology ecosystem.
The benefits of using DevSkiller depend on your hiring process and where our platform can slot in. There are several things that can change for the better but to varying degrees of success including; objectivity in the evaluation process, time to hire, time spent by your technical team in the recruitment process, time to create new tasks, candidate experience, and overall success of your recruitment process.