Devskiller + Workable Integration

Test developers from your ATS

Tests as a part of your recruitment process
Devskiller + Workable integration workflow

Make Devskiller one of the stages in your Workable recruitment process

Invite candidates to take Devskiller tests, straight from Workable

Invite candidates to take tests
Devskiller + Workable integration invitation
See results
Devskiller + Workable integration results

Get tests summaries sent straight to Workable, with a link to the full results

Access powerful Devskiller features without leaving Workable

Add Workable integration

How do I set up the Workable integration with Devskiller?

  • Generate a Workable API access token
  • Log into Devskiller
  • Click on the settings menu and click on “integrations”
  • Scroll down to “Workable” and paste your Workable API access token in the box below “Workable API Key”
  • Click “Save API Key”