Grundlæggende datamanipulation Test for Junior PHP-udvikler | Faker

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76 minutes
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Testen er kombineret fra forskellige opgaver. Programmeringsopgave og spørgsmål efter valg. Alle evalueres automatisk.



PHP | Faker | Grundlæggende datamanipulation - Implementer alle metoderne i app/Faker-klassen.

Niveau: Nem

Testede færdigheder: PHP, PHP 7

Spørgsmål efter valg

4 spørgsmål med valgmuligheder, der vurderer kendskabet til PHP

Niveau: Medium

Testede færdigheder: PHP

Spørgsmål efter valg

4 spørgsmål med valgmuligheder, der vurderer kendskabet til PHP

Niveau: Nem

Testede færdigheder: PHP

Automatisk evaluering

Vi scorer automatisk multi-choice-tests og programmeringsopgaver og evaluerer kandidater kode for logisk korrekthed, tidseffektivitet og kodekvalitet.

Coding test and interview questions for a Middle Java Developer

A test for Middle Java Developer like this is one of the best tools that you can use to screen the technical skills of your Middle Java Developer candidates. The results of the test will tell you exactly who you should invite for an interview and who you should pass over.

We’ve gone to subject matter experts to devise the questions and task that make up this test. Powered by Devskiller’s RealLifeTesting™ methodology, this test is designed to replicate the exact same tasks that your Middle Java Developer will work on from day one. Devskiller tests are the best way to verify not only the coding skill but also the business logic of your Middle Java Developer candidates.

Ideal for Middle Java Developer roles

This Middle Java Developer test is specifically designed to assess your candidate for the kind of role suitable for a developer with 3 to 5 years experience. But experience is relative. For that reason, it’s all the more important to objectively develop your candidates Middle Java Developer skills. This test is particularly suitable for rolls like:

  • Java-udvikler i midten
  • Middle Java Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Engineer
  • Middle Java Software Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Developer
  • Middle Backend Java Developer

Why you should use a Devskiller Middle Java online test as a Java skill test

Simply put, this Middle Java Developer programming test by Devskiller is designed to create a more efficient and effective Java developer hiring process. By screening out your Middle Java Developer candidates remotely, you save their time and yours. This ends in you saving money and creating a better candidate experience. It allows you to focus on only the best candidate to have the right competencies for the job.

Hvorfor du har brug for en god Java-onlinetest, hvis du er rekrutteringsansvarlig inden for teknologi 

The key to this Middle Java Developer programming test, the engine that runs on if you will is Devskiller’s RealLifeTesting™ methodology. Uniquely to Devskiller, your developers are tested by giving them the same tasks that they will encounter on their first day working for you. This gives you unparalleled insight into how good of a fit they will be for your company 

Devskiller-kunder kan se deres it-rekrutteringsproces blive forbedret ved at:  

  • decreasing their Time-to-Hire by 60%
  • reducing the number of unnecessary interviews by 65%
  • screening af kandidater hurtigere og mere præcist
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