Ansøgning om flyvepladsleder Test for Java-udvikler i midten

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55 minutter
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Testen er kombineret fra forskellige opgaver. Programmeringsopgave og spørgsmål efter valg. Alle evalueres automatisk.



Java | Flights manager - Færdiggør implementeringen af en MVP af en applikation, der er ansvarlig for at administrere flyvninger data.

Niveau: Medium

Testede færdigheder: Gradle, Groovy, Java

Spørgsmål efter valg

5 spørgsmål med valgmuligheder, der vurderer kendskabet til Java

Niveau: Medium

Testede færdigheder: Java

Spørgsmål efter valg

5 spørgsmål med valgmuligheder, der vurderer kendskabet til Java

Niveau: Nem

Testede færdigheder: Java

Automatisk evaluering

Vi scorer automatisk multi-choice-tests og programmeringsopgaver og evaluerer kandidater kode for logisk korrekthed, tidseffektivitet og kodekvalitet.

Middle Java programming test for technical recruiters

A Middle Java programming test allows you to screen the technical skills of your candidates so you can decide whom you want to invite to an onsite interview. This saves the time of your HR and IT departments and positively influences your Time-to-Hire. 

Because it comprises programming tasks and interview questions developed by subject matter experts, our Middle Java Developer Test objectively verifies Middle Java Developer skills. 

All Devskiller tests are powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology which makes them practice-oriented. Due to the fact that they are based on real-life coding challenges, they verify not only the knowledge of Java but also how well it can be applied in a real work environment.  

Ideal for Middle Java Developer roles

This Middle Java Developer test aims to verify the knowledge and skills of the job position with approximately 3 to 5 years of experience. Of course, the years of experience needed to reach this level of seniority should be treated tentatively as they depend on multiple factors.

This Middle Java programming test is useful for screening candidates for the following positions:

  • Java-udvikler i midten
  • Middle Java Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Engineer
  • Middle Java Software Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Developer 
  • Middle Backend Java Developer

Devskiller Java programming test purposes

Tech recruiters and hiring managers from businesses of all sizes use our Java online programming tests to assess their IT candidates. Devskiller allows them to limit the number of unnecessary onsite interviews by 65% so they can save time and focus only on viable candidates. 

Why all tech recruiters need a good Java online test

Our Java programming test is powered by RealLifeTestingTM methodology which means that testing mirrors the first day of work experience. Given how competitive tech hiring is, you cannot afford to lose a single viable candidate. Testing your candidates early in the process expands your talent pool and increases your chances of finding the right fit for your Middle Developer roles.

Devskiller customers report:  

  • en 60% kortere ansættelsestid
  • 65% fewer interviews 
  • an overall faster and more efficient screening process
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