Implementere DAO-klasse Test for Java-udvikler i midten | Spring, Hibernate

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Java | Spring/Hibernate | DAO with Spring helpers - Implement all methods in the ItemDao class to enable paging and filter reviews.

Niveau: Medium

Testede færdigheder: Hibernate, Java, Spring, Spring 5

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1 choice questions assessing knowledge of Java, Spring

Niveau: Medium

Testede færdigheder: Java, Spring

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6 choice questions assessing knowledge of Hibernate, Java, JPA, Spring

Niveau: Nem

Testede færdigheder: Hibernate, Java, JPA, Spring

Automatisk evaluering

Vi scorer automatisk multi-choice-tests og programmeringsopgaver og evaluerer kandidater kode for logisk korrekthed, tidseffektivitet og kodekvalitet.

Test for Middle Java Developer and interview questions

This Middle Java Developer test is an important tool you can use to screen the technical skills of your Java Developer candidates, helping figure out the best person to invite for an interview.

The Java programming interview questions and tasks on this test are devised by subject matter experts. This means that our Middle Java Developer test is a uniquely objective verification of Middle Java Developer skills. 

Devskiller’s RealLifeTestingTM methodology is what powers our Java online test. They are based on the types of tasks your candidate will work on from the day they start. Our approach to a Java programming test verifies your candidates’ business logic in addition to their coding skill. 

Ideal for Middle Java Developer roles

This Java programming test is ideal for making sure that your Middle Java Developer candidate has the right skills and knowledge to take on a role suitable for a Java Developer with three to five years. Of course, experience in a field is relative which makes it all the more important to objectively measure Middle Java Developer skills.

This Middle Java online test is useful for screening candidates for the following positions:

  • Java-udvikler i midten
  • Middle Java Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Engineer
  • Middle Java Software Programmer
  • Middle Java Software Developer
  • Middle Backend Java Developer

Why you should use a Devskiller middle Java online test as a Java skill test

Already, our Java programming tests are used by hiring managers and tech recruiters in businesses of all shapes and sizes to assess their middle Java developer candidates.This has lead to a significant reduction (up to 65%) of their onsite interviews. They now only need to spend the valuable time of their technical interviewers on viable candidates.

Hvorfor du har brug for en god Java-onlinetest, hvis du er rekrutteringsansvarlig inden for teknologi 

This middle Java programming test utilizes our RealLifeTestingTM methodology which ensures that your developers’ skills are tested using the kinds of tasks they will face on their first day of work. Thus, it enables you to identify the Middle Developer who will be the perfect fit for your company.

Devskiller-kunder kan se deres it-rekrutteringsproces blive forbedret ved at:  

  • at nedsætte deres ansættelsestid med 60%
  • at reducere antallet af unødvendige samtaler med 65%
  • Screening candidates faster and more accurately
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