Spørgsmål til interview med softwareudvikler

Denne e-bog indeholder 259 varierede spørgsmål til interview med softwareudviklere, som kan hjælpe dig med at forberede og gennemføre et fantastisk interview.

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Table of content

Section I 89 General interview questions
01 Behavioral interview questions
02 Spørgsmål til telefoninterview
03 Second interview questions
04 Situational interview questions
Section II 170 Technical interview questions that work
05 Questions that work with any technology
06 Java interview questions
07 SQL interview questions
08 JavaScript interview questions
09 Python interview questions
10 .NET Core and .NET interview questions
11 C and C++ interview questions
12 Android interview questions
13 Web developer interview questions
14 Scala interview questions
15 iOS interview questions
16 Spørgsmål til Ruby on Rails-interview
17 Security engineer interview questions
Section III Why whiteboard interview questions don’t work
18 Whiteboard interview questions to avoid
19 Technical interviews focused on work sample coding tasks


Software Engineer interview questions take time to prepare. As a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to get to the heart of how the software engineer or developer thinks and solves problems. On top of that, you need to get to the bottom of what they know about the tech stack the position requires.

No conversational interviews can replace seeing your candidate actually do the work they will be doing on the job. But when coupled with a work sample coding test or code pair interview, these questions will give you a much deeper understanding of your candidate’s fitness for the role. This approach allows you to screen out more candidates earlier in the funnel so that you only spend your time on candidates who could fill the role.

This ebook is for the efficient recruiter and hiring manager who doesn’t always have time to organize a full slate of interview questions for each interview. In addition to general interview questions, you can find technical questions for 12 different tech stacks. Also, find out what questions not to ask (hint: they involve whiteboards).

We know you are busy so take a look at these questions and have an amazing interview.

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