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How to eliminate interviewer and unconscious bias from your hiring process

This ebook was designed to help you recognize and eliminate interviewer and unconscious bias – which many people aren’t even aware they possess.

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Build a positive reputation for your organization

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The technology industry has traditionally been dominated by white males. The lack of diversity not just in race and gender, but also in terms of background, experience, and education, often limits your company’s capabilities. Building a team that lacks diversity:

Avoiding interviewer and unconscious bias should be at the core of your recruitment efforts. We’ve conducted extensive research on the issue to provide you with the information you need to eliminate bias for good.

How to eliminate interviewer bias

Most of the time interviewer bias is unintentional which makes it incredibly difficult to eliminate. Making matters worse, some forms of interviewer bias are harder to spot than others. Using these techniques, will help you to minimize interviewer bias from your hiring process:

How to eliminate unconscious bias

To be human, is to carry unconscious cognitive bias. Most of the time, we are not even aware of this bias and how it affects our decisions. In order to overcome unconscious bias we must first recognize that it exists. Using these tips, you can eliminate it completely from your technical hiring process:

It’s time to eliminate bias from your technical hiring

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