3 ways to use coding tests in technical recruiting [our guest post on tech.co]

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Measuring coding habilidades is an essential step in technical reclutamiento. This way you can verify candidate’s programming skills and evaluate whether the developer is the right one for a job. The most common way to do it is to invite candidate to take prueba de codificación. However, be cautious in choosing the right ones. You don’t want to ask candidate algorithmic questions or verify whether they memorized book knowledge as it doesn’t bring much value for your IT team. What you are looking for is un desarrollador that is good at coding, a real problem solver who can show their programming skills in action.

Pruebas de codificación are fast becoming an essential part of the IT reclutamiento process. The right programming tests can have a great influence on finding and hiring top tech talents. Check out our article 3 Ways to Use Coding Tests in Developer Recruitment published on Tech.co where we share our thoughts and experience on following usage of coding tests:

  1. Coding Tests as a Tool for IT Screening Candidates
  2. Coding Tests as a Supporting Tools for Technical Interviews
  3. Coding Tests as a Way to Build Positive Candidate Experience

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