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AmazingHiring – a tech talent search engine [expert interview]

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Sergey Dmitrichenko is CEO and co-Founder of AmazingHiring.
Sergey started his career in tech recruitment in 2006 after graduating from a leading Russian technical university (Bauman Moscow State Technical University). In 2011 Sergey founded recruitment agency “GMS” – nowadays one of the best IT-recruitment agency in Russia & CIS.

AmazingHiring is the Ultimate Search Engine for Technical Talent. Leer más

Desarrollador Web: preguntas de entrevista a un ingeniero de software

Top 60 web development software specialist interview questions

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The days of Web Development being pretty HTML mockups are long gone. Today’s Web Development is excruciatingly demanding in technical terms and there is a growing demand for a web development software specialist. According to Quora y, por el conocimiento de Javascript (el principal lenguaje para el desarrollo del frontend) las empresas podían sacar hasta 188k de salario medio.

For a recruiter or hiring manager looking for a web development software specialist, the task of finding one is potentially an expensive hire. Some serious research is due here, both in terms of sourcing and screening the candidates as hiring the wrong person could potentially be extremely costly.

Una de las mejores maneras de asegurarse de maximizar las posibilidades de contratar a la persona adecuada es adaptar el proceso de entrevista para que se ajuste mejor al puesto que se desea cubrir. Para utilizar plenamente este corto tiempo destinado a determinar si el candidato es el adecuado para el puesto, se tiene mucho cuidado de encontrar las preguntas adecuadas.

Así que si está buscando contratar a un especialista en software de desarrollo web, ¿a qué debería prestar atención?

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WhoIsHiring – Tech job aggregator [expert interview]

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Whoishiring is a job platform which aims to map all the IT jobs worldwide. We have more than 30 000 job offers mapped from 25 carefully selected sources, plus we have curated job offers that are unique on our website.

Today, we talk with Sebastian Pawluś, a software developer with a will-do attitude. He started writing code on C64 today writes code for fun and profit. Likes staring at maps and always has one more idea to do. One day he will learn how to use Haskell. Founder of project.

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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un desarrollador de primera, segunda y tercera categoría?

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No te desanimes por las palabras de moda y la jerga tecnológica. Aprende lo que un "front-end", a "back-end"y un "full-stack" desarrollador lo hace y te da la confianza para acercarte a ellos con un conocimiento firme y una mejor comprensión de sus funciones. Algunas de estas diferencias son sustanciales y otras son sutiles, pero todas son necesarias para tener una visión clara de las necesidades de la industria de la tecnología de la información.

The demand for developers grows every day but so do the requirements for the job. There are more web tools being built than ever before and more and more people are relying daily on software technology around the globe. So whether you are looking to hire one, or want to become one, it is good to get a good understanding of what the titles “front-end”, “back-end” and “full-stack” developer mean.

To better understand each of the roles and bring closer the person behind the magic, we will cover what skills a person in one of these positions traditionally has, what technology they use, and what need they are solving with their work. Leer más

Laurence Bradford talks self-learning on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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The Yellow Duck podcast continues to broadcast to developers across the world. Whether you are a senior developer or just starting out in the tech world, you’ll find something here that will interest you. In this episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast, we welcome Laurence Bradford, founder of the site Some of you have been down the path yourself, some are embarking on it – either way, Laurence shares her experiences and talks about her current projects that will most definitely be something you can relate to. Who is she? Leer más

Dr Heinz Kabutz on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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The second episode of The Yellow Duck Podcast, a wicked-cool conversation with Dr Heinz Kabutz, a Java specialist that once used the programming language to get his skipper’s license, is on the air.

We’ll continue bringing you amazing stuff from the tech side of the world so long as there are great people to talk to and interesting stuff to cover, so feel free to shoot us a suggestion through our Facebook page. Leer más

Underdog – a talent platform [expert interview]

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Josh Goldstein is a co-founder at, a talent platform working with tens of thousands of candidates and hundreds of top technology companies. Josh is also a co-owner of Prior, Josh worked at a VC-backed startup, at a VC firm, in finance, and as a professional poker player. He holds an MBA from UNC-Kenan Flagler and a BA from Emory University.

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Ted Neward in the first ever episode of The Yellow Duck Podcast

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From rainy Seattle, USA, Ted Neward joins us for the first episode of The Yellow Duck podcast.

We decided to create the podcast for those interested in software technology, its evolution, contribution, and importance. We will feature great guests to bring the best from every corner of the world and give you great content. In the first episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast, we invite Ted Neward.

As an industry professional of twenty years’ experience, he speaks at conferences all over the world and writes regularly for a variety of publications across the Java, .NET, and other ecosystems. He’s familiar with more programming languages than most people knew existed, and hasn’t found one yet that he couldn’t turn into a ‘mission-critical’ application when asked. 


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formas creativas de reclutar empleados

8 formas creativas de reclutar empleados en la tecnología

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En el mercado actual, impulsado por los candidatos, la innovación en los esfuerzos de reclutamiento se está poniendo en marcha - de hecho, es muy posible que esté conduciendo un vehículo completamente nuevo - especialmente cuando se trata de reclutar en la creciente industria tecnológica. En este post, hemos alineado 8 campañas de reclutamiento que presentan formas creativas de reclutar empleados.

Formas creativas de reclutar empleados, también conocido como lo que cuenta como creativo en RRHH

Recruitment campaigns nowadays use videos, images, social media, and other new channels to stay relevant, rather than make a company a maverick in the industry. Today, IT companies regularly use hackathons and other events by organizing or sponsoring them to source and screen candidates. It’s clear that recruiting in IT isn’t as simple as posting a job ad anymore. Therefore the meaning of “new” and “innovative” is constantly being pushed to the limit, especially in IT, and we looked for those campaigns that really stood out.

Miramos unas cuantas compañías que se centraron en atraer desarrolladores y vimos un buen número de esfuerzos realmente creativos. Intentamos centrarnos en las campañas que inspiraran y que pudieran ser replicadas o mejoradas, así que aunque mencionaremos algunos nombres grandes, queremos profundizar en las campañas realizadas por empresas más pequeñas. 

Sin más preámbulos, veamos formas creativas de reclutar empleados en tecnología que puedan ser replicadas en su negocio.

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Spark Hire – a video interviewing tool [expert interview]

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My name is Kaitlynn Sirotkin.  I am the Content Marketing Manager at Spark Hire, a video interviewing solution with more than 3,000 customers across the world.

Working at Spark Hire has been great! Being part of a company that is so supportive and constantly pushing me to grow as a marketer has been really fantastic. We work in a very collaborative environment, so there is always an opportunity to learn something new. The team at Spark Hire is made up of a very dedicated group of people. It’s really refreshing to work for a company that truly cares about their customers and is invested in their success with the platform.

Like most great tech companies, Spark Hire was created out of a need. Josh Tolan, the CEO of Spark Hire, came up with the idea for the company in 2010 while driving from Chicago to San Diego.  Then, in February 2012, he brought his idea to life. Fast forward to 2017, our team of ~30 based out of Northbrook, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago, has helped thousands of organizations connect with candidates in over 100 countries. Leer más

Here’s what Tom Winter had to say for an interview with Paysa

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Paysa did an interview with Tom Winter on the difficulties with recruiting in IT.
What are some of the challenges facing IT companies for recruiting tech talent? You may ask…

“There’s a craze right now for good IT talent and a true shortage. While companies that occasionally need programming might be expected to pay a hefty fee for some of these services, there still is plenty of developers that will complete such a task. Leer más