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¿Cómo es que la persona promedio contrata a un de primera categoría ¿Sastre? Le piden a las candidatas que les muestren lo que han cosido hasta ahora, tal vez incluso les pidan que cosan algo rápido. Luego observan los resultados, anotando lo bien que operan la máquina de coser, la organización del lugar de trabajo, y evalúan la atención del sastre a los detalles. ¿Están desperdiciando demasiada tela o simplemente no están haciendo un buen trabajo?

¿Cómo contratan los desarrolladores de software a sastres de primera categoría? Bueno, probablemente sería algo como esto; Esto es una pizarra. Por favor, dibuja la diferencia entre Ghiordes y Senneh se anudan. Derivar la longitud del hilo en función de la superficie del tejido".

Honestamente, creo que un sastre de primera clase debería saber la diferencia, pero ¿qué estamos verificando realmente aquí? ¿Quieres una chaqueta elegante o una ecuación elegante en una pizarra? Leer más

tendencias del trabajo a distancia en 2020

¿Qué piensan los expertos sobre las tendencias del trabajo a distancia en 2020?

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El trabajo a distancia está en aumento - según el trabajo de Buffer de las estadísticas del hogar, una asombrosa 98% de trabajadores remotos les gustaría mantener un arreglo de trabajo desde casa para el resto de sus carreras. ¿Cómo está respondiendo el mercado mundial de contratación a las tendencias del trabajo a distancia?

Hemos contactado con 10 expertos de la industria del reclutamiento y les hemos preguntado su opinión sobre el futuro de las tendencias del trabajo a distancia, especialmente a la luz de la pandemia de COVID-19. Aquí están sus predicciones.

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10 hiring experts forecast key 2019 trends in HR

10 hiring experts forecast key 2019 trends in HR

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2019 is here and it’s time to take a look at the key hiring trends in HR which will impact recruitment. To help you grasp the most important ones, we’ve reached out to key hiring experts, including Ryan Leary, Sean Fahey, Rita Mendes, Thomas Eymond-Daru, Cynthia Cohen-Tordjman, Dorota Piotrowska, Jonatan Rugarn, Luke McGinn, and Tom Winter.

We’ve asked our experts the following question: 

“What are the key trends in HR to impact 2019?”

Without further ado, here’s what they believe is going to happen.  Leer más

GDPR headache coming to recruitment in 2018 – resolved by Krzysztof Dzioba of EY LAW

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The Web has transformed how people look for jobs as well as the way companies recruit professionals. Candidates either fill out forms and willingly submit their personal information or are identified by recruiters based on the information they choose to share online. In some cases, the data of candidates involved in the hiring process get mishandled.

On 25 May 2018, a new privacy regulation addressing this issue comes into force. It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Although May 2018 may seem far away, there’s a lot that needs to be done so you need to start right away. The clock is ticking, but organizations are still far from ready. According to a 2017 study by TrustArc entitled “Privacy and the EU GDPR”, 61% of survey participants reported that they have not started the process of implementing the GDPR. To give you a better understanding of the GDPR and its implications on the recruitment process, we talk to Krzysztof Dzioba de Ernst & Young Law Tałasiewicz, Zakrzewska i Wspólnicy sp.k. Leer más

[LISTA] Experiencia del candidato 101 para reclutar desarrolladores de software

[LISTA] Experiencia del candidato 101 para reclutar desarrolladores de software

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Las listas de control han demostrado ser increíblemente útiles para los profesionales que tratan con situaciones arriesgadas y complejas como pilotos y doctores. Debido a que una gran experiencia del candidato es esencial para reclutar con éxito a los mejores desarrolladores, hemos creado una lista de verificación que puede utilizar para ayudarle a proporcionar una gran experiencia cada vez.

If it is your job to hire software developers, my hat goes off to you. Finding one is like finding the perfect life partner. You have to go through a difficult, expensive process to find out if the two of you are right for each other. If it works out, you are rewarded with lifelong love and companionship. If it doesn’t, you could be left spending a lot of time and money on something that doesn’t go anywhere.

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HR trends DevSkiller expert roundup

14 world class industry experts reveal 2018 HR trends

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As 2017 is coming to an end, it’s time to look ahead and plan for the future. To give you a head start on the new year, we’ve gathered world-class industry experts to share 2018 HR trends which will rule the year to come.

HR trends: 2018 forecasts from 14 experts 

We’ve asked Craig Fisher, Franz Gilbert, Dr. John Sullivan, Shannon Pritchett, Jim Stroud, Todd Raphael, Ben Slater, Elyse Mayer, Matthew Cooper, Mei Lu, Aleksandra Pszczoła, Nathan Perrott, Vince Szymczak, and Kate Kandefer about their recruitment trends forecast for 2018. Buckle up for seriously good insights from some of the sharpest minds in the industry!

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AmazingHiring – a tech talent search engine [expert interview]

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Sergey Dmitrichenko is CEO and co-Founder of AmazingHiring.
Sergey started his career in tech recruitment in 2006 after graduating from a leading Russian technical university (Bauman Moscow State Technical University). In 2011 Sergey founded recruitment agency “GMS” – nowadays one of the best IT-recruitment agency in Russia & CIS.

AmazingHiring is the Ultimate Search Engine for Technical Talent. Leer más

WhoIsHiring – Tech job aggregator [expert interview]

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Whoishiring is a job platform which aims to map all the IT jobs worldwide. We have more than 30 000 job offers mapped from 25 carefully selected sources, plus we have curated job offers that are unique on our website.

Today, we talk with Sebastian Pawluś, a software developer with a will-do attitude. He started writing code on C64 today writes code for fun and profit. Likes staring at maps and always has one more idea to do. One day he will learn how to use Haskell. Founder of project.

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Underdog – a talent platform [expert interview]

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Josh Goldstein is a co-founder at, a talent platform working with tens of thousands of candidates and hundreds of top technology companies. Josh is also a co-owner of Prior, Josh worked at a VC-backed startup, at a VC firm, in finance, and as a professional poker player. He holds an MBA from UNC-Kenan Flagler and a BA from Emory University.

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Spark Hire – a video interviewing tool [expert interview]

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My name is Kaitlynn Sirotkin.  I am the Content Marketing Manager at Spark Hire, a video interviewing solution with more than 3,000 customers across the world.

Working at Spark Hire has been great! Being part of a company that is so supportive and constantly pushing me to grow as a marketer has been really fantastic. We work in a very collaborative environment, so there is always an opportunity to learn something new. The team at Spark Hire is made up of a very dedicated group of people. It’s really refreshing to work for a company that truly cares about their customers and is invested in their success with the platform.

Like most great tech companies, Spark Hire was created out of a need. Josh Tolan, the CEO of Spark Hire, came up with the idea for the company in 2010 while driving from Chicago to San Diego.  Then, in February 2012, he brought his idea to life. Fast forward to 2017, our team of ~30 based out of Northbrook, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago, has helped thousands of organizations connect with candidates in over 100 countries. Leer más