Highest paying tech jobs

Highest Top Paid Tech Jobs

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Money isn’t everything but it is important. Few industries of recent years have seen greater growth in salary as IT but that growth has been uneven. We found that tech salaries can be affected by a number of factors including technology, job title, industry, skill, area of development, and tech stack. Certainly, many tech jobs pay well but in 2019, only a few jobs stand out as the highest paying tech jobs.

We’ve looked at the data from Dice, PayScale, Glassdoor, and Stack Overflow and put them together in this handy infographic.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

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Reclutamiento del PIB

[INFOGRAPHIC]: 2018 GDPR recruitment implications – get ready!

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As of 25 May 2018, companies who collect personal data of EU residents have to become compliant with the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). The 2018 GDPR recruitment implications are manifold and they involve giving individuals more control over their personal data, as well as simplifying the data protection environment.

HR and recruitment professionals rely heavily on personal data which they collect and store. In fact, decisions made throughout the recruitment process are based on personal information such as education or professional experience.  What is more, the EU GDPR places the burden of compliance on the organization collecting and/or storing the data. For that reason, it’s in their hands to ensure compliance before the deadline arrives. 

We’ve put together data on the effect the 2018 GDPR will have on recruitment and presented it in a handy infographic you can find below. Let’s get started! Leer más

los mejores artículos de RRHH DevSkiller ingeniero de software números de sueldo

Software engineering salary infographic

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The topic of software engineer salary has long been the subject of debate. According to a widely held belief, a typical developer salary is sky-high. If that’s really the case, how come 54.8% of devs are unsatisfied with their paycheck?

To give you a better understanding of the intricate subject of software engineer salary, we’ve gathered data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Jobvite, PayScale, Hannah Riley Bowles, Linda Babcock, and Lei Lai research, and InContext.

If you want to get more specific, check out this salary data for individual technologies.

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lo que necesitas saber para contratar a los mejores desarrolladores en 2018

[INFOGRÁFICO]: Lo que necesitas saber para contratar a los mejores desarrolladores en 2018

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As a tech recruiter, you should do all it takes to understand the group of professionals you’re trying to hire. How difficult is tech recruitment exactly? Do developers like their jobs? Are they satisfied with their careers or do they welcome change? What benefits exactly do they value at work? And finally, h¿Cómo puedes animarles a hacer un movimiento?

En esta infografía, hemos reunido algunas estadísticas y consejos prácticos para ayudarte a tomar decisiones informadas en 2018. Sin más preámbulos, lo que necesita hacer para contratar a los mejores desarrolladores en 2018. Leer más

True cost of recruiting a developer [infographic]

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Have you ever wondered how much it costs to recruit a new programmer? The numbers may surprise you.

The most common cost of recruiting a developer which comes to mind is a recruitment agency fee, but it’s just a starter. In the IT world, where there is a talent shortage, hiring a new programmer (or any tech talent) increases in cost and effort as time goes on. The better a programmer is, the more expensive it gets. The best ones are like superstars with their own agents. Employee turnover is a huge problem for most companies and long-time employment is almost unreal. According to the 2015 Recruiter Survey, the average employee tenure is below 6 years; 30% of people change their job in 1-3 years and 29% in 4-6 years. Quarsh’s research gives even more dreadful numbers – 20% of new hires leave in 12 months! Leer más