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Coordinador de carrera Prueba de Desarrollador Java Junior

Nivel general de antigüedad
Duración de la prueba
48 minutos
Habilidades probadas:

Resumen de la prueba

El test se compone de varias tareas. Tarea de programación y preguntas de elección. Todas se evalúan automáticamente.

Tipos de tareas

Tarea de programación

Java | Race Coordinator - Implementar métodos en la clase Leg, e implementar métodos en la clase Race siguiendo javadoc y pruebas unitarias.

Nivel: Fácil

Habilidades probadas: Java, Java 17

Preguntas de elección

Preguntas de 1 opción que evalúan los conocimientos de Java

Nivel: Duro

Habilidades probadas: Java

Preguntas de elección

3 choice questions assessing knowledge of CleanCode, Java

Nivel: Fácil

Habilidades probadas: CleanCode, Java

Preguntas de elección

Preguntas de 2 opciones que evalúan los conocimientos de Java

Nivel: Medio

Habilidades probadas: Java

Evaluación automática

Calificamos automáticamente pruebas multirrespuesta y tareas de programación, y evaluamos el código de los candidatos en cuanto a corrección lógica, eficiencia temporal y calidad del código. candidatos en cuanto a corrección lógica, eficiencia temporal y calidad del código.

Online Junior Java programming test for technical recruiters

Our Junior Java programming test will help you tremendously in achieving your tech talent acquisition goals. During the process of recruitment, you look at the candidate from a number of angles, including their skills, personal traits, and culture fit. Verifying their knowledge of programming is a key element of the tech recruitment process which should be carried out early on. However, it is very important not to miss a single good developer only on the basis of their CV, which can often be misleading. If you’re in doubt, just send an invitation to the test and verify whether they can perform well or not. 

With a Devskiller test, you have more time for sourcing. What is more, the answers are checked automatically which saves you even more time. All you need to do is choose the test, send an invitation, and wait for the results to come in. The Devskiller Junior Java programming test was developed by our Java specialists so you can rest assured that all results are reliable.

Using RealLifeTesting™ methodology, our tests verify the potential employee based on a work sample which has excellent predictive validities. 

Dedicated for Junior Java Developer skill screening

You can use this Junior Java Developer test to check the skills of developers who have around 1-2 years of experience. Of course the years of experience needed to reach this level of seniority should be treated tentatively as they depend on multiple factors.

Junior Java programming test is useful if you want to screen the developers for the following positions:

  • Desarrollador Java Junior
  • Programador Java Junior
  • Ingeniero de software Java junior
  • Programador de software Java junior
  • Desarrollador de software Java junior 
  • Desarrollador Java Backend Junior

Junior Java programming test for technical recruitment

Java is one of the most popular programming languages with multiple frameworks and libraries. Using our Junior Java programming tests you can verify its knowledge thoroughly. 

Assets of Devskiller Java programming test

Our Junior Java programming test is a helpful tool for checking the skill set of your candidate using different types of tasks. Powered by RealLifeTesting™, this test will show you whether the candidate is able to perform in real work conditions. It’s recommended that you screen at the early stages of your recruitment process so that your candidates don’t get poached.

Check why Devskiller is helpful:   

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  • take advantage of ready-to-use tasks or add your own tasks
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