DevSkiller + Slack Integration

Manage candidates where you collaborate

DevSkiller + Workable Integration

Check results y accept candidates

DevSkiller + Slack Integration: Check results and accept candidates
DevSkiller + Workable Integration

Send Feedback to candidates

DevSkiller + Slack integration feedback

Accept, reject, and send test invitations directly from Slack

How do I set up the Slack integration with DevSkiller?

DevSkiller + Slack integration: Log in
DevSkiller + Slack integration: Settings
DevSkiller + Slack integration: Add to Slack
DevSkiller + Slack integration: Choose Slack channel

Log into DevSkiller

Click on the settings menu and click on “integrations”

Scroll down to “Slack” and click on the “Add to Slack” button

Choose the Slack channel you want DevSkiller to post to and then hit authorize

A user can:

  • Learn a candidate’s results, the moment they are finished
  • Accept or reject candidates from their chosen Slack channel
  • Send feedback to candidates and invite them to interviews from the same place you connect with your team

Looking for more information about the DevSkiller+Slack integration?

Go to our Help Section, “Integrate with Slack.