Features available at DevSkiller

Job description-based Test Wizard

Our Test Wizard helps you generate coding test based on your job description in order to verify coding skills you are looking for.

Manually create tasks & tests

We let you use your code base to create your own coding tasks, as this is the best way to imitate the challenges the candidate will have once they get the job.

Everything is 100% customizable

We let you create your own programing tasks, edit our tasks, mix it all together or simply use our predefined tests – it is up to you.

Frontend, backend and mobile

DevSkiller allows you to test coding skills in frontend, backend and mobile technologies – all in one place.

Multiple question types

We support multiple question types including single choice questions, multiple choice questions and open questions, where you can verify candidates’ knowledge.

Programming tasks

At DevSkiller a programming task means solving real coding challenges in real project environment. We don’t use algorithmic tasks.

Code review challenges

This way you can verify if a programmer is familiar with design patterns and coding practices, their approach to code quality, efficiency of debugging and finding traps.

SQL tasks

SQL tasks verify coding skills not only as far as technology in general is concerned but also knowledge specifics to particular database engines.

DevOps tasks

We support testing skills of using tools like Chef, Puppet or Bash as well as cloud-based services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

Automated IT screening process

You just need to choose or create a coding test, invite candidates to take it and wait for their results. Simple, fast and accurate.

Candidate Report

We present candidate’s results in user and printer friendly report. You can compare candidates based on their overall score or dig deeper into details of their results.

Positive Candidate experience

Our coding tests resemble real life work experience and tests coding skills, not academic knowledge. Candidates like this kind of approach as they can show their skills in action.

Automated coding scoring

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.

Natural programming environment (IDE)

We imitate a natural programming environment and let the developer edit the project in our browser IDE, download it or clone it to use their favorite IDE on their computer and upload files when they finish.

Multiple Programming Language Support

Our code evaluation engine supports almost every main programming language including JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, Android, iOS, Scala or SQL.

Multiple Framework and Library Support

We verify coding skills not only in programming languages, but also certain frameworks and libraries. If a programmer knows them then their work becomes much more efficient.

Whole IT project support

In our coding tests we use whole projects with frameworks, libraries and external sources to create your custom exam imitating perfectly your company’s programming environment.

Library of ready to use coding tests

We have ready-to-use coding tests to start using in seconds in various programming languages, frameworks and libraries as well as levels of difficulty.

Library of ready to use tasks

We have ready-to-use tasks (multiple question types, SQL, programming and code review tasks) in various programming languages, frameworks and libraries as well as level of difficulty.


We provide you with API access so that you can streamline your IT recruitment process with using DevSkiller in such a way that gives you the most benefits.

ATS integration

We constantly integrate with various ATS platforms to make your IT recruitment process as smooth as possible.

Plagiarism Detection

Our system helps to identify possible plagiarism situations, so you can be sure that your candidates are not cheating.

Code pair with video interview

We let you have a remote code pair with a video interview with the candidate from a different geographical location.


Employer branding is very important, that is why you can add a company logo to be visible for the candidate in the test.

SAML-based Single sign-on (SSO)

Our system integrates with most popular providers of SAML Single Sign-On like i.g. Azure AD or G Suite.

Conference contest support

DevSkiller provides infrastructure and support to hold programming contests as an efficient way to attract and engage developers.

Divide account to teams or divisions

Your account can be divided into teams or devisions and users can be granted custom access.

Account manager

An Account Manager will help you get the most out of using DevSkiller.