A Conversation with Jon Skeet: The Chuck Norris of Programming, on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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Did you know that when Jon Skeet’s code fails to compile, the compiler apologises? What about the fact that when Jon does a search on Google, the only result is “I’ll be right back?” Source : Débordement de cheminée

For those of you who don’t know, Jon Skeet is a Senior Software Engineer at Google in London, UK. While some of the wilder claims about him still need to be verified, what is definitely true is that he is the only user of Stack Overflow with a reputation over 1,000,000.

Since 1998, this guy has contributed over 34,000 answers to the site, generating over 230,000,000 views! So what do you ask the guy who has already answered every question imaginable?

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Haseeb Qureshi on software bootcamps and software career development on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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Haseeb Qureshi is one of the kind. His history of getting from playing poker as a teenager earning $100,000 to becoming involved in software development is well known. So instead of rehashing old history we are going to more generally speak in this podcast about: software boot-camps, software development techniques, career development and more. En savoir plus

Un aperçu de "Secure by Design" avec les auteurs Daniel Sawano et Daniel Deogun, ici sur le podcast de Yellow Duck

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Security breaches and systems being hacked is something that we hear about almost every day. Despite all the literature and expert advice on security, it still happens. Something is clearly not working, right? That’s where Daniel Deogun et Daniel Sawano interviennent. Si vous vous intéressez au sujet de la sécurité des logiciels, vous devriez absolument écouter ce podcast. En savoir plus

Laurence Bradford talks self-learning on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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The Yellow Duck podcast continues to broadcast to developers across the world. Whether you are a senior developer or just starting out in the tech world, you’ll find something here that will interest you. In this episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast, we welcome Laurence Bradford, founder of the site Some of you have been down the path yourself, some are embarking on it – either way, Laurence shares her experiences and talks about her current projects that will most definitely be something you can relate to. Who is she? En savoir plus

Dr Heinz Kabutz on the Yellow Duck Podcast

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The second episode of The Yellow Duck Podcast, a wicked-cool conversation with Dr Heinz Kabutz, a Java specialist that once used the programming language to get his skipper’s license, is on the air.

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Ted Neward in the first ever episode of The Yellow Duck Podcast

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From rainy Seattle, USA, Ted Neward joins us for the first episode of The Yellow Duck podcast.

We decided to create the podcast for those interested in software technology, its evolution, contribution, and importance. We will feature great guests to bring the best from every corner of the world and give you great content. In the first episode of the Yellow Duck Podcast, we invite Ted Neward.

As an industry professional of twenty years’ experience, he speaks at conferences all over the world and writes regularly for a variety of publications across the Java, .NET, and other ecosystems. He’s familiar with more programming languages than most people knew existed, and hasn’t found one yet that he couldn’t turn into a ‘mission-critical’ application when asked. 


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