AngularJS programming test and code interview questions

Give your candidates our AngularJS test to screen their skills before moving them on to the next stage. Here you can find our AngularJS test range written for just that. Hire the best AngularJS coder by using these tests specifically written for AngularJS. Check out our related tests below.

Des compétences éprouvées
52 minutes max.
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Questions sur le choix

Vérifier la connaissance de AngularJS: directives, Expressions, contrôleurs, routage, communicationet Injection de dépendance

Tâche de programmation

Mettre en œuvre deux fonctions dans src/app/app.js afin de réussir tous les tests unitaires

Des compétences éprouvées
173 minutes max.
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Questions sur le choix

l'évaluation de la connaissance des HTML et CSS

Tâche de programmation

évaluer les compétences en JavaScript axées sur les principes fondamentaux de la programmation fonctionnelle

Tâche de programmation

évaluer les compétences dans jQuery en demandant au développeur de déboguer du code jQuery

Tâche de programmation

évaluer les compétences dans AngularJS en demandant au développeur de déboguer certains codes AngularJS

Lacunes dans les codes

vérifier les compétences les plus essentielles dans Git en demandant au développeur de compléter quelques commandes

Des compétences éprouvées
45 minutes max.
Aperçu des tests

Questions sur le choix

l'évaluation de la connaissance des AngularJS

Tâche de programmation

simple AngularJS candidature pour l'édition de noms, le candidat doit trouver un bug lié à Les champs d'application d'AngularJS et le réparer

DevSkiller specializes in the design of AngularJS tests to assist recruiters in screening AngularJS developers. With an AngularJS online test, you can be sure to find the right candidate for your business, whether it be at junior, middle, or senior-level.

DevSkiller AngularJS tests are structured around the RealLifeTesting méthodologie. RealLifeTesting simulates a developer’s real-world and challenges them based on what they claim to know best. Tests are structured to accurately assess each applicant’s abilities through a series of AngularJS based challenges and tasks. At DevSkiller we are making the complex task of developer recruitment easy.

Recommended roles for AngularJS tests

  • Junior AngularJS developer
  • Middle AngularJS developer
  • Senior AngularJS developer
  • Développeur JavaScript
  • Développeur Java
  • Ingénieur logiciel
  • Développeur de pile complète
  • Java engineer
  • AngularJS full stack developer

How DevSkiller AngularJS tests

DevSkiller AngularJS tests work using RealLifeTesting technology. This unique form of developer testing using simulations of a developer’s everyday work, in order to set them realistic challenges to rise to. In this way, recruiters are able to gain detailed insight into a candidate’s exact strengths and weaknesses, all while still in the initial screening stage of recruitment.

Our AngularJS tests give recruiters an opportunity to analyze their applicants’ knowledge of AngularJS in a predetermined and controlled test environment. Applicants are assessed on their AngularJS coding ability, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

Caractéristiques principales

  • Analyze AngularJS coding ability and not just academic ability
  • Gagnez du temps et de l'argent grâce aux tests à distance
  • Le test "RealLifeTesting offre une plus grande expérience utilisateur où les candidats peuvent utiliser leur propre IDE, cloner vers GIT, exécuter des tests unitaires et accéder à Stack Overflow/Github/Google pour la recherche.
  • Des outils anti-plagiat rigoureux pour garantir la précision des tests
  • Observe AngularJS online tests in real-time
  • Des résultats automatisés que les recruteurs non techniques peuvent comprendre
  • AngularJS tests available for junior, middle, and senior-level positions

Skills covered in our AngularJS tests

  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • GIT
  • HTML 5
  • Vhtml
  • WCAG 2.0
  • Accessibilité du Web
  • Gulp
  • Goulotte 4

What to look for in AngularJS engineer

The JS in ‘AngularJS’ pertains to JavaScript. JavaScript being a high-level, dynamic programming language that is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

AngularJS then, is a JavaScript framework used for making web applications. It has been in circulation since 2009 and was followed by the newer Angular2 framework in 2016. It has since been followed by several more Angular installments as the framework evolves with time.

The main function of AngularJS is for building complex, universal applications. Frameworks help to speed up the process of creating web applications by saving on the amount of code developers have to write.

Due to the introduction of the newer versions of Angular and other popular frameworks like React, AngularJS is now not as prominently used as it once was. Nonetheless, there are still companies that require developers to be skilled in AngularJS, so if your company falls into this category, there are a few things you need to know.

A good AngularJS developer needs to possess a very good understanding of the framework itself. Secondly, as AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, they should also possess a good understanding of JavaScript, but also other language dependencies such as RxJS and TypeScript.

It is helpful for an AngularJS developer to demonstrate a good understanding of the design patterns which help to maintain large, complex code, making it easier to add new functionalities. Design patterns are not unique to Angular but are particularly important to it.

You will want your developer to have experience using AngularJS in a commercial sense and experience building web applications using the framework itself. Experience using JavaScript, open-source, or any of the other Angular libraries is also a bonus.

Vous aimez ce que vous voyez mais vous en voulez plus ?

Do you want to be able to customize your AngularJS tests? No problem.

A DevSkiller AngularJS online test can be customized so you can control the difficulty level, the overall duration, and even the duration of each question. All while being able to monitor tests in real-time. Giving you greater control over your recruitment process.

Want proof that our AngularJS tests work?

Investment in our screening tool can be a big decision for recruiters to make. If you’re still a little unsure, read the following case study about a Criteo, a company that was once in a similar position to where your business perhaps is now.

Criteo is a global leader in commerce marketing, with advertising campaigns targeting businesses across various sectors including retail, travel, and education.

Grâce à DevSkiller, Criteo recrute pour une centaine de postes techniques, sur 15 sites chaque année et l'entreprise dispose désormais d'une méthode de recrutement cohérente au niveau mondial sur l'ensemble de ses sites.

Before implementing DevSkiller, Criteo had to undertake an enormous amount of unnecessary interviews. They asked candidates to complete a case study at home but found it impossible to track the progress of each candidate and they had no knowledge of where the candidates got their information from. This caused significant delays, candidates dropping out at the screening stage, and inconsistencies across their 15 sites.

By automating Criteo’s recruitment process, Devskiller helped the company to cut down interviews and save valuable time. Now, an average of only 3.5 developers has to be interviewed in order to recruit one developer. Criteo saves between 2-4 days per each hire they make.

Julien Gauthiez - Responsable de l'acquisition des talents EMEA chez Criteo

“Per every hire, we’ve saved on average 2 to 4 days which is significant given that we hire 100 people using DevSkiller every year. We’ve certainly improved the conversion rate between the first and second interview with fewer candidates dropping at the test stage and hiring managers interviewing with the most skilled candidates.”

Foire aux questions

Qu'est-ce que RealLifeTesting ??

Le test "RealLifeTesting methodology is the driving force behind all DevSkiller testing. It operates around the principle that it is better to assess a developer using challenges similar to their actual development work, than with algorithm puzzles that prove nothing more than their ability to solve algorithm puzzles.

Real-world scenarios allow recruiters to gain a complete insight into how each candidate will actually perform in the real world, using coding challenges and realistic problems for them to solve.

How long does it take to complete AngularJS tests?

The duration of each AngularJS online test is flexible and can be set depending on your preferences. Each test is programmed with default settings, but you can set your own duration, difficulty level as required.

Combien de temps faut-il pour mettre en place DevSkiller ?

From start to finish, DevSkiller testing is designed to quicken up your whole recruitment process. That means it is remarkably simple to set up our AngularJS tests. We have an extensive catalog of tests ready to go. Create your account, send out your first test invite and you can have candidates taking tests in as little as five minutes.

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