Find out how recruiting with DevSkiller looks

and accelerate your IT recruitment process

Define your needs

It’s obvious, but you need to know what the skills you are looking for in a candidate are. To help you find the perfect candidate DevSkiller lets you test not only the knowledge of a certain programming language but also libraries and frameworks that you use at your company.

Create an Exam or choose a predefined one

To perfectly fit your needs you can create each part of the exam from scratch, e.g. using fragments of your own code base. If you don’t have time for this, you can choose one of our predefined exams prepared by our experts. You can assess candidates skills with:

  • programming tasks
  • code review challenges
  • Tâches SQL
  • multiple-choice tests

Invite candidates to take an online exam

All it takes is to invite a candidate by simply sending him an email straight from our system. Now you can lay back and wait for the results to come. Candidates can take the exams online, whenever and wherever they feel like.

Candidates love the way we assess them

In the exams we simulate real working environment for candidates. It is an open book exam, so candidate can use all the resources they have, just like they would at work. We provide them browser-based IDE with polyglot syntax highlighting and full-blown build tools support so they can run a build at any time they need.

They can also download the whole project and work on their preferred IDE offline. Whenever they’re done, they just need to upload the project to the exam.

Score and screen candidates results

DevSkiller will automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks, it also checks the quality of code. The code review challenge you can review yourself or let our specialists do it for you.

Screening and choosing candidates couldn’t be easier. You can compare candidates based on their overall score or dig deeper into their exams. We also give you an intuitive chart with expected earnings of all candidates.

View sample candidate report

Invite the best candidates for an interview

Now it is all up to you, invite the best performing candidates for an interview straight form DevSkiller application. This way you can know them better and decide which candidate fits the best for the spot you are filling. From our experience our customers reduced amount of unnecessary interviews tenfold, at the same time raising competence level of new employees, which is crucial for the company.