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An interview with Tracy Lee: How I went from Entrepreneur to Tech Evangelist — the Yellow Duck Podcast

septembre 6, 2017

For all those interested in front-end frameworks and development, this podcast is going to be a real treat. Meet Tracy Lee. Google Developer Expert, JavaScript developer, and serial entrepreneur.

In this episode Marcin Kraszewski talks to Serial Entrepreneur and Software Developer Tracy Lee. Tracy discusses front-end development with a focus on React and Angular, what she’s currently working on, her views on gender equality in the workplace, and her experiences as an entrepreneur. Tracy examines the challenges of developing a ‘perfect’ company culture, and the pitfalls of a career in software development.

Tracy Lee is the laid-back yet assertive Co-Founder at This Dot, a framework agnostic agency helping mentor teams build ambitious apps, where she works as a JavaScript Developer with Angular, Ember, React, React Native, RxJS, Vue, and Native Script. She sold her company Dishcrawl to DinnerLab in 2015, and sits on the boards of nonprofits: SV Creates, Hacker Dojo, and Silicon Valley Young Professionals. She’s a successful entrepreneur having helped build 12 companies in just the last 14 years.

Find out more about Tracy and learn from her:

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