Simon Maple de Zeroturnaround est au centre d'un nouvel épisode du podcast sur le canard jaune

mai 15, 2017

The dev, the man – Simon Maple – speaker at some of the most popular tech conferences, joins us for an episode of our podcast, dedicated to developers around the world. Simon is a Director of Developer Relations at Zeroturnaround, covering JRebel and XRebel, JRebel for Android and XRebel Hub.

He has presented at major conferences around the world, including, JavaOne, Devoxx Belgium, France and UK, JavaZone, JavaLand, JFokus, JAX London, JAX SF, JMaghreb, JDC, IBM Impact, IBM Innovate, LJC Open Conference and many more, with a passion and drive around communities. He continues to work with local JUGs and presents regularly at user groups as one-off sessions or JUG tours around countries.

But lucky us, and lucky you! We’ve managed to get a hold of Simon for an episode of our podcast and talk about the efficiency of Java REPL; making devs more productive with JRebel; bringing more productivity of Java for Android; and many things on organizing, running, and participating in conferences.

We learn about solving the problem of redeploy in Java and how JRebel solves it.

Together with our host, Marcin Kraszewski, Simon discusses how to get a conference just right. With Devoxx Poland steadily approaching and with DevSkiller’s CEO Jakub Kubryński being involved in its development, we took a keen interested in what Simon had to say. What does it take to really organize a conference and how do you keep the speakers, audience, and sponsors happy, and manage to maintain a desirable level of content – after all, “content is king.”

simon maple

For more from Simon Maple, check out his blog and follow Zeroturnaround to stay up to date on their great activities and products.
Before anything though, please enjoy the show:

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