Manage tech skills seamlessly to maximize company performance

Identify and close skills gaps to fuel company growth. Make data-driven leadership decisions every time.

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Enable continuous growth

Uncover skill gaps and take action

Hire, promote, and upskill people to keep your tech stack relevant, whether it's legacy or emerging technology.

Mettre en place des parcours de carrière clairs

Keep your employees happy and engaged by supporting their professional development. Increase retention rate, morale, and productivity.

Make objective HR decisions

Slice and dice your data to unleash the potential of your people. Fuel company growth with every good HR decision you make.

Talent Boost

Align career paths with company goals to maximize performance

Don’t bury skills data in overcomplicated spreadsheets. Visualize talent insights and act on them at the right moment.

  • Identify people who already have prerequisite skills to make quick progressions
  • Make objective skill management decisions to maximize training budget dollars
  • Assign people to projects based on their competencies and potential
Talent Boost

Merge and compare data from TalentScore and TalentBoost for more detailed profiles

Get a complete picture of your employees’ tech skills by integrating the DevSkiller software suite.

  • Get deeper insights into your tech skills inventory and skill gaps
  • Identify, compare, and track changes of skill levels across teams and the organization
  • Give impartial employee evaluations, increase morale through fair and transparent management practices

All the talent management insights you need to lead

Équipes RH

Réduire le taux de rotation du personnel et augmenter la productivité en gardant les employés heureux et engagés

Leaders technologiques

Assign people to projects based on their true potential. Upskill people on modern tech roles to ship better software faster


Get a bird’s eye view of the tech skill in your organization. Make accurate strategic decisions every time


Attribuer les bons rôles aux personnes et nourrir leurs compétences techniques pour un maximum efficacité

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Reach multiple goals with TalentBoost

Get a bird’s eye view of tech skills in your organization. Enjoy the comfort of managing all your tech skills data within one platform. Check out the most popular solutions:

Talent management
Skills inventory & skill gaps
Évaluation des employés
Career paths
Building project teams
Learning & Development

Turn your insights into action.

Identify and close skills gaps in your organization now.

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