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Hire great developers remotely. Assess coding skills accurately with realistic work-sample tests.

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Trivia and whiteboards are so 2010.
Cut more than 3x the number of unnecessary interviews

Filter out unqualified candidates before the first interview. Hire more developers with less IT time involved.

Remove unconscious bias

Make unbiased hiring decisions with objective test results and anonymized candidate reports.

Accelerate remote hiring

Boost your recruitment process with online coding tests, pair programming, and virtual tech interviews.

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Verify your candidate’s skills through programming tasks that mirror the everyday challenges in your company.

Leverage unit testing to verify edge cases, and run static code analysis to uncover top performers.

Over 9 out of 10 candidates complete a test they’ve started on our platform because they enjoy the challenge. That’s what happens when you test skills that really matter.

Choose candidates based purely on their performance to build more diverse teams.

Find effective programmers by assessing practical coding and problem-solving skills. Say goodbye to algorithmic interviews.

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Test programming languages, frameworks and libraries.

Resumes don’t tell you how candidates will perform. Assess granular skills for the front end, back end, full-stack roles, mobile, DevOps, and security roles.

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Reach multiple goals with TalentScore

Get an understanding of what your candidates are able to accomplish. Whether it’s developer sourcing, remote hiring, or other tech recruitment efforts, we’ve got you covered. Check out the most popular solutions:

Filtrage technique
Hiring at scale
Diversity & inclusion
Sourcing with hackathons
Remote hiring
Coding bootcamps & universities
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Seamless integration with other software platforms

DevSkiller makes it easy to streamline your tech recruitment workflow. We integrate with some of the largest applicant tracking systems, communication, and automation tools so that you can fill open positions quickly.

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We are enterprise-ready

Your data is safe with us.

We have multiple security measures in place to keep workflows, processes, and controls protected. When it comes to data security, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on scaling.

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ISO 27001
SLA 99.95%
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One platform - endless possibilities

Ready-to-use & custom tasks

Use ready tests created by experts or develop your own solutions

Tâches de programmation

Front-end, back-end, mobile, DevOps, security tests in one platform

CodePair with video

Conduct interviews remotely and record them for extra insights

Natural programming environment

Let candidates work in their preferred IDE to see their actual skills

Soutien au hackathon

Expand your talent pool with creative sourcing events

API & Integrations

Connect and automate seamlessly to optimize your workflow

Teams & divisions

Collaborate with your teammates, wherever you are

Advanced reporting

Slice and dice reports to make the best hiring decisions

Job description based assessments

Assess the exact skill set needed for the job with a few clicks

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Boost your tech hiring results

Voir les produits DevSkiller en action.

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