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How to implement automation to hire the best software developers, faster

This ebook is designed to help you hire better developers, more efficiently with automation. Automating your technical recruitment process will:

Speed up screening procedures

Reach a larger candidate pool

Reduce time to hire

Integrate your recruitment stack

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Automation will help your company focus on the important parts of the job

Hiring developers is a tricky business. The best developers are so highly sought after that they’re like celebrities with their own agents. Fortunately help exists.

By introducing automation to your organization, it is possible to make your technical hiring process more efficient. That means spending less time on unnecessary interviews and more time on doing the important work for your company.

We’ve put together this ebook to help you understand how automation can help your organization. It’s filled with useful tips and strategies like:

How to reach a larger candidate pool with the same resources

By introducing a reliable automation tool that filters the recruitment funnel from the beginning, you will end up with the most valuable candidates entering the screening phase.

How DevSkiller AI benchmarking can predict the success of your candidates

DevSkiller’s AI benchmarking engine can predict the success of your candidates with 85% accuracy. It looks at a variety of factors such as score, difficulty level, time consumption, and several of our own internal parameters.

How to identify candidates with self-service testing on your company website

Removing friction points to attract the right talent from the beginning is a valuable recruitment technique. One way of doing this is setting up a self-service coding test on your careers landing page.

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