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Using DevSkiller as one of the best HireVue alternatives

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While HireVue and DevSkiller might seem similar, they are very different in the way they work. This side by side comparison of HireVue vs. DevSkiller features will help you decide which platform meets your developer recruitment needs most closely.

Without a doubt, DevSkiller is one of the best HireVue alternatives for recruiting IT talent. The platform is used to assess coding skills by companies worldwide, including The CGI, Accenture, Criteo, and Deloitte.

With DevSkiller, you can test a wide range of skills across many languages, frameworks, and libraries. DevSkiller allows you to test frontend, backend, database, QA, and mobile skills of your candidates through work sample tests. Because our software is powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology, you can single out top performers and boost your hiring results immediately.

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If you’re looking for reliable HireVue alternatives with satisfied customers from all around the world, make sure to give DevSkiller a try. You can see DevSkiller in action by registering for a demo.

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We test programming languages, frameworks and libraries.
Others don’t.

83% would recommend DevSkiller to a friend or colleague

Rating: 5/5

“Along the same vein, we can have the candidate complete coding projects that are similar to work our developers do each day: find and fix the existing bug(s), implement a new feature, or perform a code review (similar to Bitbucket or Github pull request code reviews).”

BryanSoftware Engineer
Rating: 5/5

“DevSkiller’s trial and pricing tiers make it a breeze to evaluate. I would strongly recommend any company doing technical assessments in-house to start making use of this service and start freeing up your technical resources to focus on core business.”

Rating: 5/5

“We’ve used DevSkiller to screen iOS developer candidates. After a quick initial setup, we had the test ready. Candidates have enjoyed taking the test and we have been able to understand their answers in an easy way. A good mix of MCQ and programming questions makes the platform ideal for developer recruitment.”


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