Come Jonah Group risparmia $70.000+ sulle valutazioni delle competenze tecnologiche



George Psofimis
Senior Manager of Recruitment at Jonah Group

Justin Lestal
Marketing Manager at DevSkiller

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The competition for tech talent is fierce, making the task of recruiting developers as costly as it is time consuming. It is a challenge that all companies face as they push forward with their digital agenda for 2022.

Software consultancy firm, Jonah Group, were certainly not strangers to this scenario. For years, they provided cutting edge technology for their clients but faced an uphill battle when it came to hiring developers as efficiently as possible.

In this recent Customer Story Webinar, find out how Jonah Group not only overcame their tech recruitment challenges but also how they saved time and money in the process.

Guardando questo webinar potrete:

  • Find out the true ROI of automated technical assessments for recruitment
  • Get tips on how to cut your ‘Time to Process’ to fast-track your technical candidates
  • Learn how Jonah Group boosted test completion rate with a simple invitation timing hack
  • Discover strategies on how to streamline your assessment process using Slack notifications

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