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Tech Screening Readiness

La pressante carenza di talenti tecnologici di oggi significa che ottimizzare il processo di assunzione è una necessità aziendale. Fate questa breve valutazione dei vantaggi dello screening tecnico per capire se l'automazione vi aiuterà a ottenere risultati nelle assunzioni.


How do you ensure that your recruitment process is growing as quickly as your company requires?

An automated screening tool for hiring developers can be an invaluable resource to implement into your recruitment processes

Some companies are still too small to benefit from automation because they simply don’t hire the amount of developers needed to make the tool worth it.

For other companies, an automated developer screening tool can be the difference between modest growth and exemplary growth.

How does the assessment work?

To find out whether your company could benefit from implementing an automated screening tool you need to firstly assess your current technical hiring process. This 5 minute assessment will provide a score that reflects the level at which your company benefit from introducing a technical screening solution.

Measurement is the key to progress. Take this Technical Screening Readiness Assessment to discover how automation will transform your technical hiring process for the better.


Find out whether your company is ready for an automated screening tool
by taking our Tech Screening Readiness Assessment

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